Fair apparel for troublemakers in style.Because Bonnie wants to avoid the waste of good and comfy clothes, we take it slow and make stuff designed to treasure for more than one season.BONNIE & THE GANG is a new brand of conscious baby- and kidswear, with a different approach to the traditional two-seasons-a-year methodology.The collection keeps one continuously evolving range, that doesn’t get replaced twice a year, but gets maintained and upgraded spontaneously. So,... no sales, no year-ahead pre-orders* BUT deliveries directly from stock while supplies last.*pre-orders are possible a few weeks before delivery#SLOWFASHIONWe aim to make conscious choices in putting together our collection, selecting materials, and our associates.Production quantities are thoughtfully determined, which results in exclusivity instead of overstock. Our products are made of organic, recycled or Oeko-tex certified materials.