Lemon Hair Lovers

Lemon Hair Lovers was born in Sep. 2012 as a family company. Back in this year Filippa Acciaioli decided to do something different for the girl’s accessories business. With this motto in mind she started built a brand where great quality products, recreating traditional and classical style with lots of colors and sizes for all girls are its signature. Lemon Hair Lovers intends to create a long-lasting product built with passion contradicting the fast fashion trend that we are seeing nowadays. This means that at the same time we produce your kid’s favorite apparel and garments we implement a significant amount of love and quality to each of our creations.Because Lemon Hair Lovers is also worried with the social side of business, we only work with fair trade factories and we do our business driven by the highest ethical and honest standards. All garments are designed and produced in Portugal, near Lisbon, where we live. We love to be near production where we get to know personally all people involved, to which we can call Lemon’s family too, supporting local families.We also put a lot of effort into finding the most environmentally friendly solutions to produce our collections. When it’s possible we prefer recycled materials, we are eco-friendly, and take care about the environment. We care about the product's quality to have greater durability and fight the fast fashion industry that is destroying the planet. Our accessories are made with standard 100 by Oeko-tex®, free of harmful substances.We want our kids to be proud of how they can contribute to protect their future.All collections are available to delivery in 10-15 days. Have fun!Filippa