Le Petit Chiffon Organic Cotton

My name is Rita and I am de Director and the Designer of Le Petit Chiffon organic cotton clothes for babies and kids from newborns to 12Y.Le Petit Chiffon is a 100% organic cotton brand, created when my first son was 6 months, 100% designed and made in Portugal,with very high quality materials and with little special details that make the difference, such as the springs on our tops that can be adjusted to the size of each baby.The idea was born from the wish to create products that could make life easier for both babies and parents, making them more comfortable. That is why we want to be a multi-purpose brand, including clothing, decoration, childcare and advice. And never forgetting the “to have fun” part of it all. Because for me, playing is a serious business.It's all 100% designed and made in Portugal, faire trade and sustainable materials.