raquette is a lifestyle brand inspired by sportswear and the modern everyday. it is a hommage to a childhood spent mostly on the tennis court, a life between the urban and nature, and with the ambition to apply a more thoughtful approach to fashion. our style can best be described as “casual sporty chic”. we love the comfort and versatility of sportswear, the sharpness and elegance of tennis, and the utility of functional clothing for modern life. we would never compromise on style and even for children wear we like it serious … maybe with a bit of an emotional edge though. raquette is part of the sentience project company. the meaning of sentience and sustainability are closely connected for us. we actually strongly believe that only a “sentient” person can act in any sort of way sustainably. since we are huge nature and animal lovers it comes without question that we focus as much as possible on eco-friendly materials and processes. our mission with raquette is to grow sustainably and improve step by step. we do not intend to get rich with this brand, just want to continue living our lifestyle. above all we want to do what we enjoy most and work with people sharing our values. we envision raquette to become a complete brand promoting a balanced family lifestyle by encouraging consciousness, physical activity, community, healthy eating habits and a living that includes animals and the outdoors. with big smiles contact email: jenn@raquette.eu instagram profile: raquette_eu website: www.raquette.eu