Knit planet
United Kingdom

Knit Planet, modern knitwear for stylish kids, founded by Micky & Nikky in London. As parents of 2, we wanted to share a comfy, colourful and chic collection of knitwear that has extraordinary quality and natural sensation. In 2015, at the birthday of our first child, we created Knit Planet, a planet of the best styles as well as pure joy, love and imagination of childhood. Our products range from 2 months to 10 years of age, and the styles are bright, natural and modern; many are gender neutral and easy to mix&match. Quality material and practical design stay at the core of Knit Planet - all materials we used are carefully chosen, such as organic cotton and finest merino wool, for different seasons and for the best comfort to the skin. We intend to upgrade the impression of knitwear being for the traditional occasions, to a much more contemporary and casual daily style, that is more sustainable as well as suitable for children. All the styles are also very practical, super easy to wear, child friendly and machine washable.