Kids on the Moon

SS/21 collection - We are all...We are all made of stardust and share the same Moon. We are all different, living under the same sky. We let children be more connected, celebrating their differences and expressing their feelings. To embrace passion, pursue dreams, and reach the stars. Let the little ones dream big.The magic we are all looking for is around us, as we are all Kids on the Moon, and we never want to leave the Moon for good. Happiness is something we create ourselves within the galaxy that is our mind, our life. Begin your story today!Kids on the Moon was established by Magda Rams - the visioner, creator and designer in one. Our philosophy is rooted in a belief that aesthetical education begins at a very early age, therefore, it is important to surround kids with beautiful objects. Working for kids means to feel responsible for them and affect their everyday life. That’s why in every Kids on the Moon collection there is an idea, the story behind. A thought which tells kids something about the world they live in, encouraging them to be independent, brave, to have dreams and to be free. Kids on the Moon connects the world of nature, kids’ fantasy and sensitivity. We care about sustainable fashion that’s why we carefully choose our partners and manufacturers. All our clothes are made in Poland, we use natural fabrics produced in Europe, mostly high-quality cotton, muslin, and linen. We also continually improve conditions of our production and use more sustainable packaging options. The brand fully resigned from poly bags in which the garments used to be packed. All Kids on the Moon products are packed in eco-friendly plant-based bags, fully compostable. We stronglybelieve that step by step we can improve our production conditions for more environmental friendly and in this way help our natural environment.For any enquiries please