Möm(e) is a Portuguese brand born from the love for our children……. an unconditional love that protects, cares for and seeks unceasingly the best for children..… a love that made us look for the best seamstresses, whose hands, full of history, savoir-faire, and knowledge, translate passion, care, and concern into each detail..… a love that projects itself on limited collections with high quality and handmade finishing, made by unique people with decades of experience, who share their story through their work..… a love, concerned about the future, that translates itself into the choice of eco-friendly materials to guarantee what’s best for you but also for our environment..… a love that continues throughout generations by memories created through the stories lived through each cloth..… a love born in Portugal that carries hand in hand Möm(e) and the concept of made in Portugal, around the globe.Our story is also your story!