OUATE, a natural and obvious approach.“As a child, my mother introduced me to the secrets of a healthy, cleansed, nourished and protected skin. Having become a mother myself, I wondered how to protect children’s skin nowadays, in an environment that is becoming increasingly aggressive and polluted? Many dermatologists and pharmacists have taught me that between the ages of 4 and 11, skin is particularly vulnerable, because it is still developing. Faced with my children’s refusal to continue using baby products that did not suit them anymore, I was reluctant to apply formulasmade for teenagers, or even worse, products for adults, that could be too highly concentrated. The products I was looking for had to contain natural formulas without allergenic ingredients. They had to be tested under paediatric and dermatological control, as I needed to be reassured! These products also had to please my children, who are always expecting fun experiences, and had to have ergonomics adapted to their different stages of development. Finally, they hadto be endorsed by health professionals. Strangely, no product on the market seemed to meet my expectations. I finally decided to gather a team of specialists who helped develop what I consider the only range of skincare products specifically designed for children aged 4 to 11. That’s how OUATE was born.”Astrid Mauduit, OUATE Founder