Fluff Kidswear- natural down productsFluff is a Polish brand which brings together extraordinary collections of outwears for the youngest.Fluff’s flagship product is made from carefully selected, highest quality ANTI-ALLERGIC natural down. Our collections combine style, quality and convenience. They have minimalistic and simple style, as well as the original colours. We are fully aware that creating collections for youngest we are working for the most demanding customer. We take care of every detail to provide you with the highest quality products and meet your expectations.Fluff world is closed for you in an unique box which is perfect for collecting all your memories of special moments.Love our products! Love Fluff!Hug the fluffy world!We are big promoters of conscious shopping and would encourage all customers to embrace this practice. In our minds, conscious shopping involves checking and questioning the source of down used in purchased products. We do our best to educate our customers to pay close attention to the quality of the products they purchase. It is important to avoid purchasing products filled with natural down coming from unknown sources, uncertified down or down that is sourced from live animals