Amelie et Sophie

This season is very romantic but at the same time has a youthful energy and an optimistic beat, as it takes us on a fashionable adventure and on a stylish nostalgia trip back into the 1950s; from sublime classic romance of soft whites and a fresh palette of pastel hues; to the surprisingly new sense of minimalism;

The collection is soft, feminine, artistic, grand, desirable, intangible… and most importantly confident. It’s designed what Amelie et Sophie is for us.

Evoking an old-world refinement, the feathers and bows are perfect pieces to soften the look or to accentuate the femininity of our dresses. The less-is-more approach works best this season. Pastel shades make it all sweeter but while the winter is alive with girly attitude, it’s always delivered in the most ladylike way.

There’s something really important about a really well-designed piece of clothing.

Everything in fashion moves so quickly right now that it’s easy to forget how it’s not only about having a good idea, but the art of how you bring it to life and the care and beauty that’s put into it. We make collections with pieces that can hopefully become timeless and collectible, passed on to the little sisters and through generations because they are made in small quantities as a result of the high quality and excellence of its after sales customer care.

We find ourselves drawn to the women of yesteryear - timeless and classically dressed beauties such as Dovima, Suzy Parker, Grace Kelly or Ava Gardner – whose graceful poses and style, with soft and flattering colour combinations, have always been such an inspiration. For women like us who feel like they were born in the wrong era, it’s a joy to design dresses that are a little more refined and feminine but still retain a certain modernity, like the ones that you see in our Collections. Sticking to classic colour palette of white, navy, beige, with a hint of dusty pink and mallow purple gives just a suggestion of old-school elegance.

Launched in 2016, Amelie et Sophie is a little luxury house of couture created to inspire, celebrate and empower women/little ladies around the world. Due to the timelessness and savoir-faire (know how) of the brand, each product is an exceptional piece.
Each design by Amelie et Sophie is brought to life by a team that work day by day with passion and love creating items that can be considered "childrenswear jewels".
What always truly defines each Collection is by far the quality of its fabrics, the very careful colour selection, the cut and handmade finishing touches dedicated to each piece.

Amelie et Sophie was launched by an architect, Margaret Plutecka, mother of 3. She
established the brand that is completely dedicated to little ladies from 3 to 12 years old.
Attentive to detail, balance, form and aesthetics, Margaret develops the originality of
Amelie et Sophie with an artistic approach. Having lived in Geneva, Paris, New York and
Los Angeles Margaret has a strong vision of her genuine luxury lifestyle brand.
Amelie et Sophie is, above all, a family story; its first page being written with the arrival of the girl named Sophie. Pregnant with her daughter, Margaret started to look for a boutique where she could find classic, elegant and minimalistic clothing. She imagined a refined and delicate universe where tradition would be revived to today’s taste. This is how Margaret embarked in this wonderful adventure creating the brand she has dreamt of.
Since then, the family have grown. It has welcomed a team of passionate people united by this story and strong ties. They are the ones giving to the brand this extra soulful touch, which makes it even more special. Our aim is to revive the traditions and past savoir-faire to today’s taste, as to propose to customers elegant items and exceptional creations.

Today Amelie et Sophie is growing by providing collections available for girls from 2 to 18 years old, as well as pieces for their mothers and grandmothers.
Fabulous, extraordinary, amazing women and their daughters/granddaughters have been at the heart of Amelie et Sophie since we began.

At Amelie et Sophie, savoir-faire plays a big role in ready-to-wear as it does in demi-couture.