HOB is an eco-responsible brand that offers baby booties and first steps shoes made by hand with great care, designed to meet the needs of the child, the expectations of the parents and the environment.
At HOB, fashion is ethical! We try to contribute to a fairer, more reasoned, more sustainable and more united industry through different aspects: environmental ( upcycling), social, artisanal...
The HOB products were born from a personal need: it was by looking for soft booties adapted to the needs of their babies that the designers developed their articles.
The different HOB products are developed and produced in a family workshop that has been specialised in the field of leather for a decade and masters the different stages of production.
HOB offers mainly baby booties and first steps shoes made from healthy, upcycling and innovative materials, comfortable, respectful of the ergonomics and health of the child. They are equipped with a very flexible sole that favours the motor and muscular development of the baby's feet and allows good insulation from the ground and therefore from humidity. They, therefore, accompany the child during their first months and allow them to take their first steps in complete safety.
Galeries Lafayette awarded the brand the GO for GOOD label during the Kids etc. festival.