A BRAND THAT’S #READYTOPLAY yporqué was set up in Barcelona in 2007. The name refers to the question children ask endlessly as they are growing up (¿y por qué? ¿y por qué? ¿y por qué? In English Why? Why? Why?) and the idea of the company came from three women with different educational backgrounds (design, advertising and psychology), combining their knowledge to create a children’s clothes brand that, beyond fashion, maintains a very clear concept: a design that focuses on the very people destined to wear the clothes, or in other words, designed for children.EVERYONE HAS THE POWER TO #INSPIRETHEWORLDThe power to change. The power to choose. The power to dream. The power to smile and make a better world. Look up at the night sky to see the brightness of the stars. Admire how a rainbow magically rises from the sun after a storm. Discover the multiple shapes hidden in the sky. Open your eyes to experience the smells, textures and colours of the earth