oh baby!
United States

oh baby! is the art of childhood. It’s the dichotomy between the laughter of warm summer nights riding bicycles in the cul-de-sac and hours spent in the costume box, letting cooped-up imaginations loose to roam and soar.In 1994, interior and clothing design maven, Mary Lauer, opened her first retail store at the Mall of America, featuring handcrafted furniture and intricately hand-painted children’s clothing. As she’s never been one to shy from a challenge, the tiny shop rapidly and successfully evolved into both oh baby! (a magical children’s clothing and furniture store) and most recently an international distribution company for her original children’s clothing designs.Ever since she was a little girl, Mary has always had a paintbrush, a sewing needle, a wooden spoon, a gardening trowel, or magic wand in her hand – for her, life is a beautiful blank canvas to be imagined, painted, planted, decorated and sprinkled with sparkling fairy dust. After the birth of her darling twin boys in 1990, Mary was inspired to funnel her creativity into creating hand-painted children’s furniture and cute, comfortable children’s clothing that wouldn’t irritate their sensitive skin. As the demand for her creations grew, so did her businesses. Mary remains the designer of the oh baby! brand, which continues to be handcrafted in Minnesota and is now distributed around the world, in hundreds of locations, from small boutiques like her own local shops, to international department stores.