Arsène et les pipelettes

A CREATOR'S BRAND BORN ON THE BASK COASTWith its nod to vintage and its French touch, Arsène et les pipelettes brings a much needed fresh look to children fashion by creating joyful eternal classics.Arsene et les pipelettes is a French clothing brand for babies and children from 0 to 12 years old. Created in 2005 on the Basque coast by Chloé de Bailliencourt, Arsene et les pipelettes works on a trendy clothing line of quality for kids and it claims, beyond a spirit of casualness, the use on subtle colors, the kindness and softness of materials, the creation of exclusive printed fabrics and it seeks the most elegant and beautiful shapes. It is part of the dynamic movement of French fashion designers’ brands for children. This brand wears a playing truancy, a wayfaring’s on the forest and holidays on the sea coast perfume.A COLLECTION OF INSPIRED GARMENTS FOR CHILDREN FROM 0 TO 12 YEARS OLDArsene et les pipelettes creates each season line in its offices in Ciboure: garments for girls, dresses and blouses, t-shirts and swimming suits, pants and jackets. Boys are also considered: this brand loves creating clothes for them, too. Pants, specially admired for its shapes, soft t-shirts and shirts, and cozy sweaters. This collection is created for children from 2 to 12 years old. Since 2008, the brand also creates clothes for babies, for both boys and girls from 0 to 24 months, and it has a very nice collection specially designed to be offered as birth gifts. A whole universe of softness dedicated to babies.A WORLDWIDE NETWORK.Since 2011, Arsene et les pipelettes, which can be found in a worldwide network of multiple brand stores in France and in the rest of the world, from Japan to the United States of America and even in Europe of course, proposes its collections in its 14 own boutiques: Paris (XVII et XVIII), Neuilly, Lille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Bayonne, Toulouse, Saint jean de Luz, Biarritz and Hossegor in France, Bilbao and Saint Sebastian in Spain and also Bruxelles in Belgium.