Tocoto Vintage

We are Tocoto Vintage, we were born in 2011 in Terrassa, a small town with an important textile tradition just a few kilometres far from Barcelona. There we produce the 50% of our collections and the other 50% is manufactured in Portugal.

Tocoto Vintage comes from the love Marta has for their children, her love for the sea and for her small island of Formentera.
The romanticism and nostalgia pushed her to recover old patterns and garments purchased in antique markets in her many travels around the world.
Our collections are unique for the finishes with so meticulous care, weathered dusty colours ranging from grey, taupe, pink and old-styled denims, all wrapped in an harmonious combination of hoods and lace edgings, using always noble and high quality fabrics. Always as star piece in all collections, delightful mini jerseys with handmade and vintage effect.

We develop clothes and accessories from 3 months to 14 years. For little ones, both girl and boy. We also work with a collection of footwear, from baby to child.

We believe that our garments are like forever, to keep, inherit, their function is naturally to dress the little ones but giving them a lot of love in each one of them.

We have a very clear identity: we could say vintage boho. From our principles for our interpretation of old patterns, embroidery, lace; we are eclectic too, we like to mix prints, concepts…is where the richness and true identity of each brand is.

We want to make feel kids when they wear Tocoto Vintage special. Continue creating beautiful things it’s our biggest project.