THE POUPÉE SABOTAGEKids are the perfect sabotage to every grown-up mess, especially effective against seriousness, pretence, boredom and uneventful wardrobes. The Poupée couture is designed as an antidote to unoriginality, rebelling against fast copy-paste fashion and turning a kid’s conventional wardrobe into a theatre dressing room.THE POUPÉE IDSTATEMENT: Dress-up like nobody’s watching.DATE OF BIRTH: Every moment, now, now and now.NATION: Democracy of United Wonderlands.COMPOSITION: 50% fabric, 50% laughter.CHARACTER: 50% avant-garde, 50% démodé.INGREDIENTS: Cotton (candy), pure wool, sunshine, silk.STYLE: Dreamy, strike-a-pose proof and too-cool-for-school.ADD-ONS: Stardust glitter, removable elements, embroidery.