Yoko Meinertz and Erica Claure Pedersen founded Esencia in 2007. Esencia's products are made from the finest natural alpaca, llama fibers and only cooperates with suppliers who value the principles of fair trade and sustainability. esencia is a Danish company which holds 3 different cultures; bolivia's long-standing tradition of craftsmanship, Japanese integrity of design and danish awareness of quality of life, resulting in a unique brand intended to inspire modern people aware of natural and simple living. Esencia's ethos compliments the increased global awareness in high quality, socially responsible and natural products. esencia products are found in selective and exclusive stores; stores that cater for the contemporary urban woman or families with an appreciation for luxurious, classic fundamentals. Our garments are produced by skilled Bolivian knitters at their workshops in El Alto and La Paz, Bolivia. We use finest alpaca 100% yarn from the local corporative mill. Each piece is made by a hand-loom machine or is hand knitted. esencia has been dedicated to work together with the Bolivian knitters since 2007.