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Feli & Pepita are German artists and photographers who work in both the fashion and the art world. Besides their commercial work for fashion brands they create editorials for international magazines like Marie Claire, Hooligans Magazine, L'Enfant Terrible, Mini Maven, etc..

At Playtime Tokyo they will present the series called "Sweet Suburban Sky".
This work is about authenticity and personality. Captured in a documentary style, it shows children in a suburban environment. The magic and complexity of these images bring the self-confidence of the children to the fore. The way they wear designer clothes looks so natural, that the contrast to the surroundings is hardly noticeable.

Feli & Pepita plan to be at the show on August 21 from 2 p.m. for a Meet & Greet.


MILK Awards

Great accustomed to the event, the editorial team of Milk Japon wouldn't miss the show for anything in the world! This season, they will walk the aisles of the show to crown the new winners of the Milk Awards in the following categories: Fashion, Deco, and Editor's Specia Prize.
Results to discover Tuesday, August 21 at the end of the day on Instagram and then on the website of the magazine.