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The sun is back, nature is budding, and we are ready for a METAMORPHOSIS (our season’s theme ;-) let’s open up to new ways of working together, sharing our values, learning from each other and having fun all at once!


Pop-up shop

It's shopping time! Playtime Tokyo Pop-up shop is back!

Open to the general public as well as to professionals, it will bring together Fashion and Lifestyle brands from Playtime, including pieces from previous collections as well as limited edition pieces.

Participating brands:
angel dear, copper pearl, efvva, elizabeth little, germanopratin, question eveything london, seiko tsuchimoto, sophie la girafe, siyah fare, tea collection, topettino

Special guests:
One of Tales
brands including:
ckism, elfinfolk, feelt, feelt x industria, folkmade, moun ten., pichu pichu tokyo, pierlot, trnka

Opening hours:
Wednesday, July 31: 10:00 - 19:00
Thursday, August 1: 10:00 - 18:00
Friday, August 2: 10:00 - 15:00


Every season, the editorial team of Milk Japon walks the alleys of the show looking for the most beautiful collections to reward.
Follow them live from the show on Wednesday, June 31, to discover the lucky winners and run to meet them!


'If I could ever transform myself...'

TIAM Magazine is back at Playtime Tokyo with a new workshop and photobooth!
On the workshop side, they're teaming up with Clairefontaine Fine arts to enable children to give substance to the wildest metamorphoses they can think of.
These dreams will then be immortalized in pictures, thanks to the great support of Polaroid Originals.

Trends Space


invited on the 'Pathfinders' trend space

TOHU-BOHU is a graphic and textile creation duo formed by Lysandre Graebling and Lucile Bonnaud.
Their universe is expressed through the creation of fashion and interior design prints, but also through embroidery, scenography, and even the conception and running of graphic workshops for children (Musee de Poche, Centre Pompidou...) Together, they have created a poetic and naive art-like world combining delicacy and dreams.

For the Pathfinders trend, they have imagined an extraordinary herbarium mixing dried, embroidered and drawn vegetation, in the manner of a botanical chart.
It is a tribute to slowness, to those moments in childhood dedicated to the observation of nature, to the pleasure of collecting things and to the slow learning of ancestral techniques. A way to illustrate children's instinctive capacity to contemplate the world and to live at a rhythm which, increasingly, inspires their elders.


invited on the 'Fantasia' trend space

For more than 10 years ELSA DRAY-FARGES has developed a protean body of work made of colorful and joyful drawings and volumes tinged with a certain melancholy. She creates papier mache sculptures and bespoke installations for window displays and events in a lively way that is always profoundly connected to the art of storytelling.
Imaginary landscapes, floating villages, extraordinary animal masks, her sculptures and drawings burst with colors and fantasy and communicate an instantaneous joy.
Her clients are from diverse and varied backgrounds that include fashion (Hermès, Bonpoint, Tommy Hilfiger, Aesics), interior design (Anne-Claire Petit), the press (Télérama, Kid’s Wear, Grazia Casa, Psychologie Mag), and theatre (Les Possédés, l’Avantage du doute).

On the Fantasia trend space, Elsa's papier mache and painted masks will project strange and extraordinary shadows.


invited on the 'Press start' trend space

MOLISTUDIO is a 3D art direction and design boutique based in Buenos Aires, founded by passionate storytellers with a whimsical take on the everyday life. The team is, insistently, on the lookout for a deep color sense and a strong use of the metaphor; always aiming to find new excuses to celebrate the translation of ordinary life into the surreal while exploring the mesmerizing nature of this process.

An image from their Tennis series will illustrate the Press Start theme. Here, there are no rules other than to adhere to one principal: tennis was born to be graphical!



Photo exhibition by Milk Magazine

MilK magazine, guided as ever by its sensitive and hedonistic take on life, has had some inspiring encounters. Years of singular and enriching experiences have allowed MilK to turn from children’s fashion pioneer into documenter of a certain kind of family art de vivre. A family lifestyle of which fashion and design are integral parts, equals alongside the arts of cooking or travelling. Next stop: Berlin, where Marian Schönhofer, yoga teacher, does a little practice every morning with her daughter.

Photos : Jette Stolte — Style : Elissa Castelbou

and Kids Yoga workshop by Wappy

Alongside with the Yoga photo exhibition by Milk Magazine, we're happy to invite Wappy who will offer kids yoga classes at the show!
Participation is free! Yoga classes are open to children from 4 years old. Registration is limited to 11 children by classes, if you'd like to participe, please send us an email to with your name, number of children, date and phone number.

Class hours:
Wednesday, July 31: 11:00 - 11:30
Thursday, August 1: 15:00 - 15:30
Friday, August 2: 15:00 - 15:30

Photowall by Yuko Kanatani

Kanatani's works mix different techniques and mediums such as painting, collage, animation and installation. She also collaborates with fashion brands, creates artwork for musicians, develops outdoor festivals, installations for shop windows, and holds workshops.
In 2014, she published a collection of works named "YXICOOO".

Visitors will be able to take a souvenir photograph of their visit in front of a photowall specially decorated by the artist.

location_onPress Corner

Aki Watanuki

Aki Watanuki is a Japanese textile artist and designer based in Paris whose fields of action range from design to craftmanship and fashion.
She works her graphics, her textures and her layouts in a flexible way, in order to create different textile languages. In 2018, she founded a studio dedicated to the creation of patterns and prints "moyohibi". Recently she has been creating wall art with washi tapes from HARU stuck-on design.

At Playtime Tokyo, visitors will be welcomed by one of her designs specially created for the show.