Each season at Playtime Paris, our friends and partners from MilK Magazine award a few brands that stand out in the aisles of The Big Small Show with their MilK Awards. A highlight of the show each season, these awards mark the selected labels as leaders in the industry that can’t be missed! It also earns them a spot on the pages of MilK Magazine Kid’s Collections upcoming editions. To get you ready to discover the winners that will be chosen this Saturday as we celebrate the first day of Playtime Paris Winter 2024, let’s take a trip down memory lane with past MilK Award Winners! We’ll introduce you to labels that won in 2022 and 2023, and be sure to stay tuned for an article next week introducing you to the winners for Winter 2024!



Crush Award Winner: Cream

Cream is a children’s eyewear brand based in Amsterdam. Started to fulfill the desire to protect the eyes of the future, Cream uses Truegrass that is 60% recycled plastics and 40% grass fibers to make their frames. Their polarized lenses protect against UVA and UVB rays, and Cream sunglasses’ flexible hinges can withstand the adventures of childhood. Stylish, sustainable, and sweet, we understand why MilK Magazine selected them for their Crush Award in Winter 2022!

Discover Cream’s finger licking sunnies at Playtime Paris this winter!


Fashion Award Winner: The Campamento

kid's fashion brands

Born in the North of Spain, The Campamento seeks to create a timeless brand while protecting the environment. Their collections are designed to let creativity fly and made with mostly organic fibers. Believing in the beauty of day to day life, each collection by The Campamento celebrates the little things. This past MilK Award winner was selected for their impeccable design, and sure to please parents and kids who love the planet and have an optimistic view of the future.

Find their latest collection January 27-29 in Paris!


Lifestyle Award Winner: Ila Y Ela

Designed and manufactured in Spain, Ila y Ela is a kid’s lifestyle brand offering wall decorations, duvets, tapestries, blankets, cushions, and more. Minimalist designs and color palettes meet in their products that will surround the whole family in beauty and warmth. Parents and children alike will feel inspired and at peace in the home decorated in Ila y Ela. It’s no wonder this brand won for their lifestyle products!

Come explore Ila y Ela’s collections for yourself at Playtime Paris!


Green Award Winner: Unie&Co

Meet the zero-waste brand Unie&Co! This past MilK Award winner was recognized for their incredibly green practices, which makes sense as all of their collections are upcycled. Their limited edition pieces are made by transforming old products into something new. Made in France using 100% existing materials, Unie&Co strives to reimagine old clothes. Rather than just giving them a second life, they transform garments into completely new items to show how stylish sustainability can be.


Summer 2022

Crush Award Winner: Maison Mangostan

Past MilK Award Winners

The multidisciplinary brand Maison Mangostan was the Summer 2022 winner for MilK Magazine’s crush! Born to create a brand with a sense of endless possibility, their collections of shoes, clothes, and accessories empower kids to share their personalities with the world. Drawing inspiration from art, music, and a rich ethnical heritage, Maison Mangostan is a brand that endlessly surprises with their unique collections it’s impossible not to fall in love with!

Find their latest at The Big Small Show January 27-29!


Fashion Award Winner: Belle Chiara

kid's fashion brands

From their very first collection of shoes, Belle Chiara has sought to offer children something special to wear. Having expanded into fashion and accessories, they’ve trusted their own creativity, naturalness, originality, and craftsmanship to guide the way. Belle Chiara’ values and purpose go beyond dressing kids: they want to be a way for children to express themselves. Committed to ethical practices across their production process, Belle Chiara is a beautiful brand.


Green Award Winner: Cèucle

Cèucle is a brand offering an upcycled, unisex wardrobe to the whole family. Playing with asymmetry and textures, Cèucle builds pieces that last in oversized silhouettes. Their unique pieces are made in timeless colors to further expand their longevity. With local production, each piece is a limited edition, bring garments that are not only sustainable, but also unique, to the market. Carefully selected from second hand clothes, Cèucle creates something new and innovative with each new piece.


Winter 2023

Crush Award Winner: Esther

When Esther’s founder returned from Puerto Rico to New York City, she noticed a lack in the local kid’s market for designer childrenswear brands. She decided to fill this hole herself with the right product. Using the right materials and sustainable practices, Esther collections are a celebration heirloom traditions. Using 100% natural materials, the collections are designed and made in Puerto Rico. This past MilK Award winner encourages customers to consume less and enjoy more!

Meet Esther at Playtime Paris this winter!


Grand Prix: Tangerine

Past MilK Award Winners

Aligned with the values of family and tradition, meet Tangerine! With a heritage rooted in the beauty and wonder of the Mediterranean, Tangerine believes in timeless silhouettes, honest relationships, and empowering the artisans behind their products. Caring for both people and nature, their collections prove that style and beauty can go hand in hand with positive social and environmental impacts. Honoring imperfections and the beauty of simplicity, Tangerine was an understandable choice for the Grand Prix last winter!

Meet Tangerine in Paris and year round on Orderwizz, where their new collection is already available!


Summer 2023

Crush Award Winner: Momohanipopo

kid's fashion brands

Let children wear art in Momohanipopo! Their collections offer garments in bold patterns and colors that make them each a work of art. The collections tell the story of three imaginary children, Momo, Hani, and Popo through their prints. Each character has their own personality, offering all children someone they can identify with. Momo is sophisticated and romantic. Hani is artistic and unique. Popo is bold and classic.

Come discover their unique stories at Playtime Paris!


Grand Prix Winner: Hänska

Hänska is a Berlin accessories brand that evolved naturally from the creativity of its founders. Their school bags are produced in a family business in Portugal, while the rest of their accessories are handmade in their Berlin studio. Driven by their unique design language and unconventional cut construction, Hänska’s designs are for people of all ages who care about sustainability. Their exceptional attention to detail and timeless, minimalistic design make Hänska stand out in the accessory category.

Come discover them for yourself at Playtime Paris!


We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to discover the brands that will be chosen as the MilK Award winners this season! Get your pass to join us to meet these past MilK Award Winners at Playtime Paris this weekend, and to discover this season’s winners firsthand. Stay tuned for our upcoming article and posts on our social media that will announce the winners when they are selected Saturday, January 27!


Header image by Theo Sillas, of Tangerine and the MilK Magazine Team
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