The Milk Awards

The now-incontrovertible Milk Awards prizes will be bestowed upon the favorite pieces of the magazine’s editors in the categories of ‘Fashion,’ ‘Shoes,’ ‘Design,’ and ‘Coup de coeur.’ Discover the winners at the fair, and then on the magazine’s website.

The ONE TO WATCH Awards, by Pirouette Blog

Driven by the wish to give more space to new designers, British blog Pirouette has created the ONE TO WATCH Awards. Dedicated to Fashion and Design brands four years old and younger, they will be handed to the two most promising collections of the season.

Papier Mache photo exhibition

Papier Mache is inviting us to discover its next issue in exclusivity through an original photo exhibition.
Based on the theme 'Play', it evokes a sunny summer afternoon spent with friends on a playground.

The essential accessory

The key of a great look always lies in a detail. It might be a button, a hat or a pair of socks, to make it short it's always a matter of accessories! Marie Claire Enfants will present its accessories selection for next season on the rest area of the show.
@marieclaireenfants #laccessoireroi

LITTLE braids bar

Stress out! Step by LITTLE's booth to have your hair braided as a mermaid!!!
Every afternoon from 2pm to 6pm, a braids bar will be available at booth H02, your chance also to discover the latest issue of LITTLE which is called #ODYSSÉE.


Children's Trends

Invited artist on the theme 'Shaman'

Aurélie Mathigot

French visual artist Aurélie Mathigot has based her artistic approach on the observation of elements that make up everyday life. Whether in her photographic practice where she re-embroiders photo prints on canvas, or in the volumes she creates from crochet and ceramic, she captures everyday life and restages it. Her work is about changing perception and accentuating the notion of trompe l’oeil. Going from plane to volume and from volume to plane, to provoke a paradox, to put the viewer at ease from the very first glance at texture, whilst at the same time imprisoning the viewer with its newfound nature.

A shamanic spirit inhabits the old-fashioned characters that she will be presenting at Playtime. Unified and benevolent silhouettes made from natural materials that feel protective and comforting, materials such as hemp, linen, straw and cotton, with which Aurélie crafts, embroiders and crochets.

Children's Trends

Invited artist on the theme 'Daily'

Lisa Laubreaux

Lisa Laubreaux is an illustrator. Born in 1987 in Marseille, she lives and works in Paris. After obtaining her DSAA diploma in fashion and environmental studies at the École Duperré, she co-founded collective Super Groupe in 2011 with Pablo Grand Mourcel. Today Lisa is continuing her adventures solo. Illustration, set design, installations: her practice is multidisciplinary and follows an artistically experimental approach which has led her to use different print techniques such as engraving, screen printing, and Risograph printing. She also leads participative workshops in museums, for festivals or organisations (studio 13/16, Chaumont Poster and Graphic Design Festival, Maintenant festival…) using a pedagogical and playful approach in which participants can assimilate the professional tools used in graphic design.
In her illustrations, Lisa pays particular attention to composition and balance by working with free mediums (charcoal, lead, crayon) before refining lines with a fountain pen and brush and introducing digital tools. Inspired by popular imagery and everyday life, she combines a colorful aesthetic with simple strokes as she transcribes the world that surrounds her in an amused kind of way.
Her work has already won over festivals like Maintenant or le Voyage à Nantes, the press (Doolittle, Mint, Pli,…) and brands such as Petit Bateau and Darty.

At Playtime, her “Chef de Chantier” installation will feature two immense characters hand drawn on paper, apparently completely absorbed in their construction work, colorful and brimming with humour.

Children's Trends

Invited artist on the theme 'Party Time'

Erika Vaury

Born in 1978 in Versailles, Erika Vaury lives and works in the metropolis of Lille. Her artistic practice is above all textile and is fed by interactions and shared moments experienced throughout the course of her time as a visual art workshop facilitator. Her personal work is articulated around patterns and around thematics surrounding rituals and the cabin or hut. She asks questions on the notion of universality and on the nature of what connects us intimately to one another by exploring the collective imagination and the force that emanates from within it.

Ils ne feront pas tapisserie!
On the large textile panels she will be presenting at Playtime, her characters, like Adam and Eve, will be clad in costumes with rich colors and patterns, ready for a party in the middle of a festive millefleur. It’s an allegory of life but with neither bad taste nor guilt!

Children's Trends

Invited artist on the theme 'Down to Earth'


Studio-mireille is a creative studio founded by Julia Lefillatre and based in Paris. It works within varied realms of expression such as graphic design, photography, typography, video, and artistic installations. The power of pure, geometrical, minimalist form, occasionally adorned with material, but always imbued with meaning, sums up the ethos of this studio’s work.

The installation “Down to Earth”, presented in the Maternity trends space is a hark back to our origins and to the natural; it is made of wood—organic material—and of circles which suggest maternity and appeal to emotivity and to the notions of envelopment and eternity.

location_onPress Office

Invited artist


This season Lucie Moussette, the Playtime team’s scenographer, will be setting the scene for the show’s press office. In a mysterious, warm, and somewhat retro universe, she invites artist Céline Tuloup to present her series “Psychic circles”.

Born in Vichy in 1980, Céline Tuloup lives and works in Saint-Denis. She is a resident artist at creative space 6B. Borrowing from multiple forms (sculpture, embroidery, drawing, photography, installation), her artistic universe draws from psychoanalysis and questions the sphere of intimacy. It plays with the relationship between public and private, between collective and individual memory.
Embroidery, which is often found in her creations, references the domestic activity linked to the history of the condition of being a woman, but also pays homage to the traditional craft and the know-how it involves. By reactivating this practice and reframing it within contemporary artistic questions, she moves it away from its background and confronts it with the questions of today.

The installation “Psychic Circles” is made of skin tambourines on which are embroidered Rorschach test cards. This projective psychological tool consists in a series of cards on which are printed symmetrical inkblots and which are shown to a patient, who is then asked to interpret them freely. Once the patient’s answers have been analysed, they are used to evaluate the subject’s personality characteristics.
In the installation “Psychic Circles”, these symmetrical images are multiplied and arranged following patterns reminiscent of mandala and kaleidoscopes. The structure reconciles terms normally thought of as opposites, such as concentration and circulation, permanence and change, identity and difference. The installation evokes our individual spiritual quests as much as the hallucinatory visions in which we can lose ourselves.
The Rorschach test is nowadays well-known, but the Psychic Circles also refer to archaic images which speak to the unconscious mind. They draw as much from psychoanalytic theory as they do from visions generated, in numerous traditional societies, by shamanic rituals.

location_onPress Kiosk

Invited artist


Aurélie Andrès started her career as a textile designer in ready-to-wear, where she learnt to master the techniques of embroidery, weaving, print, and dyeing, and has thus specialized in textile embellishment. She then took off to New York where she collaborated with designer Elodie Blanchard on Home Design projects. Now at the helm of her own workshop in Paris, her clients include fashion studios (Louise Misha or Leon & Harper), trends agencies, and decorators, while she pursues her research in patterns, embroidery, textile installation, etc. With a passion for texture, the essence of her creations is to be found in her work on materials. Her first collection of artisanal weaving appeared last summer, a second one will be available in spring.

For the Press Kiosk, Aurelie has imagined a roof made of multiple pompoms and abundant foliage, with shades of curry yellow and snowy whites: a sweet evocation of Indian celebration garlands and winters of snow.