Pop-up Store Milk x Playtime

How often have you dreamed of being able to leave with your arms full of goodies from the show? This season, Milk is answering your deepest desires by setting up its Pop-up store at Playtime!

Open to the general public as well as to professionals, it will bring together thirty emblematic Fashion and Design brands from Playtime:
10 is, annabel kern, bangbang copenhagen, blune paris, caramel, caramel & cie, caroline bosmans, garbo & friends, kidscase, leny tomy factory, leoca paris, les coyotes de paris, louise misha, maison labiche, manuela de juan, paade mode, pom d'api, tuchinda,...

In the heart of the Parc Floral de Paris, in the ‘Conférences’ pavilion by the South gate, it’s the shopping event not to be missed!

General public opening times:
Saturday July 1: 9:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Sunday July 2: 9:30 a.m. - 6.30 p.m.
Monday July 3: 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Parc Floral de Paris, ‘Conférences’ Pavilion
Route de la Pyramide, 75012 Paris

The MILK Awards

The unmissable Milk Awards, will be rewarding new categories!
So, who will get the Best in France, Mode, Home and It look Awards?
Results to be announced as from Saturday July 1st at 6 p.m.

Doolittle giant coconut

Want a cool break? Head to the South plaza of the show to find Doolittle and sip a fresh coconut as if you were already on holidays!

Pirouette’s "One to Watch"

Driven by the wish to give more visibility to new designers, Katie Kendrick, from Pirouette, will select two ONE TO WATCH brands in Fashion and Design categories (brands 4 years old and under).
For this season, Pirouette has called upon Spanish designer Maria Salamanca, founder of Frida’s Tierchen, to create two gorgeous masks to be awarded to the lucky winners. Results on Sunday July 2 in the morning.

Must-have accessories by Marie-Claire enfants

Whether for a quick break or for some more serious downtime, head to the Marie Claire enfants resting area where the star accessories of the season will be presented. From eyewear to shoes, hats to scarves, style is all about the details!


Children's Trend

Artist invited on trend space MAKE

Julie Robert

Julie Robert is a textile designer who specializes in contemporary weaving. After studying Fine Art in Toulon where she experimented with painting and photography, she moved to Paris where she designed costumes for film and advertising. Around this period, she learned different textile decoration techniques and started collecting fabric and thread off-cuts. During a trip to Iceland, in 2013, she discovered weaving and, over the course of her ensuing research, modernized weaving. Her collected materials would now be turned into weaved volumes.
After several months of practice, she created her first series based on this inspiring journey, blending noble materials and soft, natural colors.
Now, Julie Robert designs weaves using wool, silk, and other fabrics which are remarkable by their volumes, textures, colors, and destructurations.
Followed by tens of thousands of people on social media, she has become a leader in her field and travels the world to show her work and pass on her knowledge by teaching workshops.

For Playtime Paris, Julie Robert will present a singular weaved sentence, made of imaginary letters and reinvented know-how.

Discover the MAKE trend here.

Children's Trend

Invited artist trend space REPAIR

David Takahashi

David Takahashi was born in Kanagawa, in Japan. His taste for art developed along with his passion for British rock music.
As an art student, influenced by painters such as Robert Motherwell and Richard Diebenkorn, he painted abstract figures and landscapes. Color and composition became essential in his work.
Later, inspired by the unconventional style of British fashion designer Christopher Nemeth, the young graduate started creating clothes.
Like Nemeth, he prefers zigzags to straight lines, back to front, worn to new. He developed an especially strong attraction for the different states of objects, right up to their deterioration.
His imagination and ideas express themselves through the textures of his pieces. Whenever color expresses light, space begins to happen.
Followed by music.

For Playtime Paris, David creates a large patchwork heart, expressing his love for the things that are around him and the act of repairing that it might refer to.

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Children's Trend

Invited artist on trend space SHARE

Clémentine Henrion

Designer and illustrator Clémentine Henrion started her Parisian design studio in 2006. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, her work is an attempt to recreate an exaltation of the senses: whether retinal marveling at the first visions of infancy or outbursts of teenage passions, the magnificent energy they bring about are key to reading her universe. Clémentine “prototypes”, by way of installations, objects, or illustrations, these sensorial reminiscences, so as to give them palpable beauty and materiality through a process that involves journeys of emotional immersion.
Along with her experimental studio (which she named “Design for Pragmatic Daydreamers”), Clémentine also launched her eponymous brand, a collection of polymorphous collections which mixes art and fashion, and which takes the form of, alternately, sculptures, textile prints, and rare and precious jewelry, and fashion accessories.

Enthused by protean artistic collaborations, she also directs art projects for an equally eclectic range of clients: Le Coq Sportif, Le Fooding, San Pellegrino, Ricard, Who's Next, Maje, Le Bon Marché and Printemps Haussmann have all given her the opportunity to inhabit various creative mediums and color them with her own psychedelic-techno-pop touch.

For the 'Share' theme, Clémentine Henrion creates an oneiric installation illustrating a celestial voyage above the world and in which we are carried on the colorful wings of “lucky kites”. It is a mystical metaphor of the unstoppable flight of youth, driven beyond the heavens and seas by the audacity of an insouciance as euphoric as a summer breeze in the golden sun.

Discover the SHARE trend here.

location_onSouth Plaza windows

Invited artist


Aurélie Andrès launched her creative workshop two years ago. Specializing in textile design, she works for fashion as well as for interior design. More recently she has been creating window displays, to which she is dedicating more and more time. She is always on the lookout for different techniques, and likes to mix handicraft and new technologies, such as freehand illustrations, tape collages, knotted, dyed, and weaved textile, or laser cutting.

This great versatility in her modes of expression has allowed her to create a strong identity, and win over brands that include Leon & Harper, Majestic Filatures, Pimkie, MILK l HABITAT, and Louis Louise.

This summer at Playtime Paris, Aurelie will be giving us a world tour, punctuated with mural and windowpane depictions made using Posca markers and Haru tape (the latter is also a partner in her creations).
Over on the south esplanade, Aurelie Andrès has created a giant colorful illustration that evokes a lush forest teeming with animals and vegetation.

location_onPress Office

Invited artist


After training in couture and fashion design, Yannick Daverton studied fine art and graduated in 2010 from the Ecole Supérieure d’Art of Clermont Métropole. Of his original training he kept the source material by making textile the through line of his entire work. Assembling, accumulating, piling up old clothes or bits of fabric are part of his creative process. Mountains of second hand clothes become an ode to memory, where many anonymous stories meet. The underlying questions then emerge, as to the individual masked underneath the uniform, as to his identity and its construct. In Yannick’s photographic series, for instance, the model is deprived of any characteristic signs, and effaces herself in favor of a hybrid being whose humanity is only detectable by the few parts of her body left exposed.
The nostalgia of childhood plays a very important part in Yannick Daverton’s work. He is fascinated by that moment in life where child becomes adult and by the process which it gives birth to—the child’s growth and the ways in which he creates his own personality.

The photographic series “Les Saltimbanques” (“The Street Performers”), presented at the show’s press office, is inspired by Gustave Doré’s 1874 homonymous painting. Here, as before in Doré’s original painting, the viewer cannot let herself be deluded for very long by the joy that emanates from the characters’ colorful costumes. The blatancy of the illusion, along with the recycled fabrics, lend these characters a story which was never theirs to own.

location_onPress Kiosk & Information Desk

Invited artist


As a multidisciplinary visual artist, Igor Brossman has worked for over 20 years in the different fields of design. For 8 years he taught fashion design abroad, and is a regular guest lecturer for several fashion schools in France.
Using his favorite material—paper—he designs accessories, clothes, and objects, for interior design and window displays, in collaboration with fashion houses and professional trade shows.
Using a creative and playful approach, Igor attempts to reveal the ephemeral and slightly superfluous side of fashion.

For Playtime Paris, Igor is presenting 3 installations of paper dresses named “Utopi”, for woman, girl, and doll. All clothes are wearable of course… no kidding! On display at the Press Kiosk and the Information Desk.