The MILK Awards

The unmissable Milk Awards, will be back with their four prestigious categories!
So, who will get the Best in France, Mode, Home and It look Awards this season?
Results to discover live from the show on Saturday, January 27th at 6 p.m.


Children's trends space

Invited artists on trend space AGRICOOL

Sophie Larger and Stéphanie Buttier

Sophie Larger is a designer and artist. Her works explore various and voluntarily intertwined areas, ranging from sculpture to object design, from scenography to participative art events. She designs projects which offer ways of reading, projects which make visible and tangible the complex and forgotten elements of the spaces in which her interventions are situated. A sensory relationship to space and an economy of materials (in favoring the use of reclaimed materials) are at the center of her concerns.
Stéphanie Buttier is a landscape architect and artist. She designs sculptures and installations which she integrates with finesse into public spaces or gardens. Through braiding and intertwining, she introduces materials difficult to tame, such as willow, metal, ceramic… and reinterprets traditional methods and know-how, which she refreshes by combining them and by making them undergo formal and poetic mutations.
The four-handed creations of Sophie larger and Stéphanie Buttier bring to mind the wanderings of invasive plants. They compose a version of nature that is imaginary and joyful. The landscape work and writings of Gilles Clément are valuable references for them and generally a great source of inspiration for their visual work.

For the Agricool theme, they will be recreating one of their 'Invasive' forms, made of rattan, wicker, and intertwined colored wires.

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Photo : Sébastien Bozon

Children's trends space

Invited artist on trend space FLOW

Laure Devenelle

Laure Devenelle is a paper designer/scenographer/visual artist. She lives and works in Paris.
During her studies, Laure discovered a passion for paper and the sense of scale she could breathe into it. With this fragile, elegant, and subtle material, she creates mural installations and sculptures, window displays and other creations for public and private commissions, for the luxury industry, the performing arts, and contemporary art. A sense of balance has arisen from this versatility.
Working in the lineage of the Arts and Crafts movement, Laure Devenelle sees herself as an artist-artisan; the know-how is essential in her approach to creation. As someone who is in love with geometry and color charts, Laure explores her environment and its graphical lines to come across new landscapes and new colors. It begins with a search of the material, which she then tames by taking in traditional techniques of folding (Origami) and cutting (Kirigami). With a special focus for and interest in repetitive processes and ornamentation, she sculpts, transforms, and animates paper through different technical and graphical games. The transformations she then applies to the landscape invite the viewer to expand his horizons, to look at things differently.

For Playtime Paris, it is three of her photographs of urban landscapes that she will explore and transform, bringing to them a new reading pace, a new Flow!

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Children's trends space

Invited artist on trend space RENEW

Mélanie Clénet

Mélanie Clénet lives and works in Nantes. A graduate of the Métiers d'Art in costume design and with a background in decorative arts, she has developed an experimental, artistic, and artisanal body of work around cord material, an excursion which started in 2005 when researching textiles while creating costumes for a contemporary circus show.
The development of a singular assembly technique of this material by machine sewing and a few precise gestures allows her to elaborate a register of surfaces and colored, sensitive, and clean volumes. She creates objects and interrogates their form and function, experiments with color and its vibration, matter and its radiation. Surfaces become carpets or tapestries, volumes are turned into containers, suspensions, or sculptures. These sewn works are made with functional, day-to-day use in mind, to play a part in the decoration of a space, or simply exist as artistic creations. Each piece is unique, made artisanally in her workshop.

Above the Renew space, Mélanie will balance 3 large suspended mural pieces which will invite calm and soft observation.

Find out more about the RENEW trend here.

location_onPress Kiosk

Invited artist


Frédérique Daubal trained as a graphic designer but is constantly bending the rules of her field. She explores various creative areas, with humor and irony, through a conceptual approach which is realized using artisanal or recycling techniques. The multiple mediums and materials refer to day-to-day life and to the fantasy that can be found within it.
For more than 15 years, Frédérique has developed what she calls Overprints. Sort of iconic, sort of ironic, sort of red carpet, sort of red beetroot, her latest edition, “Loverprint”, plays with deconstructing, deriding, staring at, and deforming the very stylized world found in the press and, more generally speaking, in the printed medium. Her work has taken her around the world for magazines, institutions, brands, exhibitions, editions, and workshops.

This season at Playtime, Frédérique Daubal collaborates with Kid’s Wear Magazine, who are giving her a beautiful canvas to create in: a new series of Overprints will be presented at the South entrance to the show, as well as 2 books presenting the best of her series and which will be available at the press kiosk.

location_onNorth Resting Area

Pirouette Screen Capture


Pirouette Screen Capture is a temporary dedicated space at Playtime Paris for exhibiting a selected group’s response to a theme, problem or question posed by Pirouette.

For this edition of Playtime, Pirouette asks the question "What does it mean to be a girl in this world? to 10 International female photographers working in the kid's fashion industry. Each photographer is asked to respond to the question with an image of their making and an accompanying text. The aim of the exhibition is to celebrate and promote international female photographers working in the kid's fashion sector whilst allowing them to explore the theme of what it means to be a girl today.

Photographers participating:
Michelle Marshall, Manuela Franjou, Zoe Adlersberg, Amanda Pratt, Julia Bostock, Abi Campbell, Priscilla Gragg, Theresa Balderas, Molly Magnuson

location_onEntrée Nord



Doolittle magazine unveils a giant moodboard in the North Entrance of the show. Inspired by the theme "Agricool", it gathers all the materials, shapes and colours that are part of this trend. #doolittlemagazine

location_onSouth Resting Area

Marie Claire Enfants


Marie Claire Enfants features the beauty of this material which, used by the most talented designers, takes care of the planet, its inhabitants and especially our future. Come and rest in a cotton cocoon offered by Marie Claire Enfants and the responsible creation.

location_onInformation Desk

Invited artist


Charlotte Jankowski is a visual artist. She lives and works in Paris. Since 2005, she has drawn and created textile prints for style offices and brands, and been involved as an illustrator or independent author in a number of publishing projects. She has been invited to teach workshops at École Modart Paris, Lycée Henri IV, Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, and Établissement NDM.
In her personal artistic practice, she has also explored ceramics since 2011 and exhibits her work in Paris and abroad. She is currently in artistic residence for 6 months at the Villabelleville in Paris with her collective, “Superfluide”.

For Playtime Paris, visitors by the information desk will be able to cross her “meditative corridor”, an installation made of ceramic mirror murals, colored shapes, and words.

location_onPress office

Invited Artist


“Aurélie is above all a universe full of softness, somewhat bohemian, always bubbly.” When she launched her creation workshop, two years ago, Aurélie specialized in textile design and has worked for fashion as well as interior design or creating window displays. A manual and passionate creator, Aurélie explores new materials and new techniques with a great degree of freedom in the devising of her numerous projects.

This season for Playtime she is launching her new line, “Oh really!”, giant stickers created specially for a window display, a runaway success which are about to become a must-have for the home. She will be covering the walls of the press office with them, transforming the space into a lush jungle!