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location_onSoup&Juice Restaurant, aisle S

Presentation of trends for fall-winter 2019-20

Creative collective Instinct will be offering a complete decripting of children's, maternity and lifestyle trends for fall-winter 2019-20. Elaborating on the key pieces selected at the trends spaces, Instinct will be offering an in-depth analysis of key lifestyles, silhouettes, fabrics, and prints of the season, through the portraits of three large families: The Committed family, The Tech Nomads, The Creative Gang.

Sunday, January 27, from 4pm to 5pm - in English
Monday, January 28, from 11am to 12 noon - in French

location_onSoup&Juice Restaurant, aisle S

Understanding and mastering phygitalisation

More than just a simple trend, phygitalisation has become a major winning strategy for many distribution players. As such, the talk, involving pioneers and experts, won't focus so much on its benefits as it will on good practices to be adapted to the worlds of childrenswear and maternity.

Ivo J. Au Yeung - Co-founder of Rolling Kids
Jérôme Monange - Retail Specialist - Founder of Lab Luxury & Retail

Saturday, January 26, from 4pm to 5pm - in English


The MILK Awards

Four winners or broke! This could be a mantra for the Milk team while they roam the aisles of the show. Hundreds of collections will be reviewed as they select the winners of the season. Who will receive the coveted Milk Awards this winter?
Find out live during the show, on Instagram and on Milk's website.

location_onIn front of the Information Desk, aisle G

Welcome to the Playtime family

Buttercrumble is a British creative studio, founded by twin-team: Chloe and Abigail Baldwin. They blend graphic design and illustration seamlessly with an ethos of making others smile. From engaging storytelling to unmissable identities, they breathe life into their creations by embodying fun.
They are passionate about socially engaged-design and believe that creativity should solve problems, provoke questions and inspire action. Buttercrumble has designed for the “greater good” by partnering with UK organisations such as The Royal Armouries, Chester Zoo, BBC Women in Sport.

Inspired by Playtime Paris’ theme of “family”, Chloe and Abigail will create a large-scale group portrait of the event’s attendees. This fun mural will be unveiled over the duration of the show and will encourage participation from those who visit.

trend spaces

location_onTrend space 'The Committed Family'
Illustrated by

Sabine Timm

Sabine Timm is an artist, illustrator and photographer. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Düsseldorf, Germany and works in a charming backyard studio in the heart of the city. Her studio, which can be found on a rooftop full of greenery and scattered boxes stuffed with little treasures Sabine finds here and there, is an island of creativity.
She turns these happy finds into little characters and invents situations for them with a sense of humor brimming with irony and mischief. If she sells pictures of her productions, her characters always stay in the studio because they are part of an endless process of construction and deconstruction.

On the 'Committed Family' theme, Sabine presents the portrait of a singular, handyman-like, inspired and joyful family drawn from her inexhaustible repertoire of images.

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location_onTrend space 'The Tech Nomads'
Illustrated by

Parallèle Zéro

Parallel Zero is an interdisciplinary creative studio which investigates the notion of landscape and its interpretation through still-life photography. Violaine Carrère and Johanne Simonet, the photographer and set designer duo, are at its helm. Their prestigious clients include: Carven, Christofle, La grande épicerie, Dior.

The setting they created especially for Playtime plunges us into a mysterious and analeptic universe, a memory of an adventure at the border of a virtual reality journey.

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location_onTrend space 'The Creative Gang'
Illustrated by

Marie-Johanna Cornut

Marie-Johanna Cornut's practice likes to pay special attention to the participation of her audiences, whether it is the symbolism of the images, the narrative or the relationship to the performativity. Her sculptural objects, which are interplays between shapes, contrasting materials, and colors, convey a sense of perpetual motion. Her installations respond to a given place, its history, and to the encounters from which the artist likes to draw to elaborate the fabric of what she likes to call "environment-driven constellations". This vocabulary of geometric forms inspired by the history of art or pop culture constitutes an elastic grid of interpretation: the circulation, the breathing between each sculpture allows it to create fictional frames, scenic spaces. / Sandra Doublet, critic.

Straight out of the atmosphere of the 'Creative Gang' theme, the decor proposed by Marie-Johanne Cornut is a photo of her installation 'La lune des lapins', presented in Lyon at the Ateliers Vortex in 2016.

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location_onResting area repos, aisle D

The Kid's Wear photo retrospective

Kid’s Wear, a haven for some of the most talented photographers of their generation, will be revisiting the traditional family photo and its peculiarities. Resting area, aisle D.

location_onResting area, aisle S

Pirouette Screen Capture: Parents & Child interviews

To celebrate its 10 years, Pirouette has dived into its archives in search of families who took part in their Parents & Child interviews 10 years ago. 10 years on, what did they find? What are the thoughts of the children, now teenagers, about their answers of the time? A joyous Parents-Child, Past-Present face-to-face with some familiar faces in the industry.

location_onAa.bsolution restaurant, aisle F

BipolART dress our tables

With BipolART, tables become a medium of expression! Flexible and removable, magnetic, adhesive without sticking, the new generation table tops designed by BipolART protect, decorate and allow you to transform a space for a special event in a snap of the fingers. With a collection that includes more than 300 patterns and thanks to its personalized service, Bipolart offers scalable and easy to implement solutions to distinguish its decor according to the seasons and inspiration.

In the Aa.bsolution restaurant area, tables will be dressed with exclusive patterns designed by the 12 illustrators of the Crea.tif area, based on the theme of the Family.