The ONE TO WATCH Awards, by Pirouette Blog

Driven by the wish to give more space to new designers, British blog Pirouette has created the ONE TO WATCH Awards. Dedicated to Fashion and Design brands four years old and younger, they will be handed to the two most promising collections of the season.

The awards will be curated by Katie Kendrick, looking for: talented/creative collections, original unique design, attention to detail, strong brand identity/imagery, high quality products, organic/sustainable.

Results will be given on Monday, February 13 on our social media and at the entrance of the show.


Tips and tricks of storytelling through Facebook Live, Insta-stories and more!

It’s the hot new social secret: live action. We’re pros at the pretty pics, and now it’s time to get real. Get behind the scenes of your favorite brands, blog s and mags and learn how they approach choosing the right social for storytelling and share their strategies with video based features like Insta-stories, Snapchat and Facebook Live. 

Guest speakers:
Maria Llerena of Motoreta
Michelle Steinberg of domain New York
Jessica Pallay and Kaity Velez of Well Rounded New York
Kristin Young of Earnshaw’s Magazine
Jennifer Cattaui of Playtime New York & Babesta

Tuesday, February 14, starting at 8:00 am
at the restaurant space


Children's Trends

Invited artist on the theme 'Shaman'

Joshua Ben Longo

Longoland is a Philadelphia based multi disciplinary design group lead by Joshua Ben Longo. He strives to create experiences steeped in curiosity, wonder, and magic through fantastical objects and spaces. Longoland specializes in, but not limited to, toys, furniture, illustration, installations, and art objects. 

For the Shaman trend space Joshua has created a very special herd "gathered in a sacred place for those who understand and hear the calling. The pilgrimage surrounds their leader.... their shaman. No one is left out. All driven to discover and find the source." The creatures are hand crafted with textures of wool, felt, feathers, leather, and fur. The variety of height, volume, and materials create a visual landscape of wonder and magic.

Children's Trends

Invited artist on the theme 'Party Time'

Jason Villegas

Jason Villegas is a Visual artist originally from Houston, TX, now working and residing in New York.  His practice expands across multi-media platforms, ultimately becoming a collage of painting, drawing, sculpture, video, performance, and installation based projects. He has exhibited across the United States and internationally in such renowned spaces as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Contemporary Art Museum of Houston, Museo Ruffino Tamayo, Phoenix Art Museum, El Museo del Barrio, and Exit Art. 
His artwork combines pop and consumer culture references with multi-cultural religious iconography and pseudo scientific-spirituality. He creates a teleological realm of mash-up characters engaged in colorful and humorous scenarios that mirror and question societal constructs in an attempt to redefine aesthetic schemas. 

In the Party Time trend space Jason will present his latest playful anthropomorphic character, an iconic figure of all the celebrations of the year!

Children's Trends

Invited artist on the theme 'Daily'

Lisa Laubreaux

Lisa Laubreaux is a French illustrator. Her practice is multidisciplinary and follows an artistically experimental approach which has led her to use different print techniques such as engraving, screen printing, and Risograph printing. Her work has already won over festivals in France, the press and brands such as Petit Bateau. She also leads participative workshops in museums using a pedagogical and playful approach in which participants can assimilate the professional tools used in graphic design.
Inspired by popular imagery and everyday life, she combines a colorful aesthetic with simple strokes as she transcribes the world that surrounds her in an amused kind of way.

At Playtime, her “Chef de Chantier” installation will feature two immense characters hand drawn on paper, apparently completely absorbed in their construction work, colorful and brimming with humour.