Pirouette is on the lookout once again to discover the most exciting emerging labels in kid’s fashion and design.
This season Pirouette has collaborated with the brilliant designer Alejandra Salvatore of Severina kids to create an exclusive One to Watch “Spyglass’ to be awarded to the deserving winners at the show.
The purpose of the awards is to identify, highlight and support emerging talent entering the industry, something Pirouette blog has long championed. The awards are open to new and young brands exhibiting at the shows and will be chosen by both Florence and Katie from Pirouette blog.

Results to discover live on Sunday, February 11, at 5.30 p.m.


Poster Child Magazine will be interviewing designers, curating adorable looks for the upcoming season and blogging LIVE from the event! They will also be showcasing a special Playtime MINI Edition of Poster Child Magazine with special focus on the brands and designers that will be attending the show. Meet them booth G13!


What To Focus On To Keep Rocking the Retail Game! Uniqueness, Top Notch Experience and Data-Driven Strategy

Retail is changing faster than ever. You may not be Amazon, but you can still pull in those sales by concentrating on what makes you unique! Learn the strategies of some companies that have used the ideas of collaboration, community and innovation to stand out in this challenging environment. Our panel of experts bring diverse perspectives on actions you can start taking right now to bolster your business for 2018!

Seminar is on Tuesday, February 13th, starting at 8:00 am at the restaurant space, second floor.


Children's trends spaces

Invited artist on trend space AGRICOOL

Rosa Chang

Rosa Chang works towards finding a sustainable balance between humans and the natural world through her visual storytelling. She takes her inspirations from incarnation - a cultural term she grew up with in Korea - and is a firm believer of pursuing a non-wasteful lifestyle. Thus, it is no wonder that recycled materials are craftily stitched and assembled together alongside her pencil drawings and watercolor illustrations to create worlds of unexpected textures and media collaborations. Chang’s works evoke nostalgia for a simpler time when people appreciated the things in life that Mother Nature provided to them, mending worn clothes with new stitches. To teach the importance of sustainable living, Chang has been actively teaching natural indigo dyeing and denim mending workshops to children and adults in New York City.

Her installation for the Agricool theme, 'Under the morning dew', will recreate a countryside early morning scene; a peaceful and whimsical atmosphere rendered by natural hand-dyed and hand-stitched fabric elements, thus sharing traditional techniques such as Shibori and Boro.

Find out more about the AGRICOOL trend here.

Children's trends spaces

Invited artist on trend space FLOW

Wendy Letven

Wendy Letven explores contrasting visual languages in her vibrantly colored paintings and sculptural works. She is interested in the illusory potential of art to challenge perceptions of two and three dimensional space and in blurring the lines between natural and human-made typologies of form. Layered patterns, shapes and calligraphic lines are interwoven in her work to form fluid assemblages that explore larger metaphysical themes.
Wendy has exhibited her work in museums and galleries in the New York area including The Bronx Museum, Aljira Gallery, Momenta Art, Mayson Gallery and other places. Wendy holds a BFA from Tyler School of Art and an MFA from Hunter College and is a faculty member at Parsons School of Design in New York. She has been an artist in residence at Dieu Donne in New York, Gallery Aferro in Newark and The McDowell Colony in New Hampshire.

At Playtime New York, Wendy will set up an installation made of different circular shapes whose interaction remind us of the syncopated beat of the city. Each form represents a different presence or energy. A new flow created by movement and shadows.

Find out more about the FLOW trend here.

Children's trends spaces

Invited artist on trend space RENEW

Sophia Sobers

Sophia Sobers is an interdisciplinary artist who creates artwork that ranges from installation and sculpture to digital animations and drawings. She gathers sources of inspiration from nature, the built environment, and her introspection on technology. Her goal is to create art that exemplifies the beauty of working with material to create serene, meditative pieces. Sophia is currently based in Pittsburgh, PA and holds an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. She has presented her work in solo and collective exhibitions nationally in the cities of Providence, Boston, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, and New York City.

Sophia’s own vision of 'Renew’ will be represented by a large 'Cloud', made of white fabrics, lights and translucent “nature artifacts”. A delicate, poetic, minimal yet complex, futuristic and harmonious installation inspired by the mythology of ancient storytelling and the passing of tales from generation to generation.

Find out more about the RENEW trend here.

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Invited artist


Frédérique Daubal trained as a graphic designer but is constantly bending the rules of her field. She explores various creative areas, with humor and irony, through a conceptual approach using artisanal or recycling techniques. The multiple mediums and materials refer to day-to-day life and to the fantasy that can be found within it.
For more than 15 years, Frédérique has developed what she calls Overprints. Sort of iconic, sort of ironic, sort of red carpet, sort of red beetroot, her latest edition, “Loverprint”, plays with deconstructing, deriding, staring at, and deforming the very stylized world found in the press and, more generally speaking, in the printed medium. Her work has taken her around the world for magazines, institutions, brands, exhibitions, editions, and workshops.

This season at Playtime, Frédérique Daubal collaborates with Kid’s Wear Magazine, who gave her a beautiful playground of pictures to create a new series of 'Overprints' that will be presented at the restaurant area.

location_onMain Entrance

Pirouette Screen Capture


Pirouette Screen Capture is a temporary dedicated space at Playtime New York for exhibiting a selected group’s response to a theme, problem or question posed by Pirouette.

For this edition of Playtime, Pirouette asks the question "What does it mean to be a girl in this world? to 10 International female photographers working in the kid's fashion industry. Each photographer is asked to respond to the question with an image of their making and an accompanying text. The aim of the exhibition is to celebrate and promote international female photographers working in the kid's fashion sector whilst allowing them to explore the theme of what it means to be a girl today.

Photographers participating:
Michelle Marshall, Manuela Franjou, Zoe Adlersberg, Amanda Pratt, Julia Bostock, Abi Campbell, Priscilla Gragg, Theresa Balderas, Molly Magnuson