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Say hello to Anne-Sophie from Hellø Blogzine!

Here at Playtime, we love decor and lifestyle products just as much as fashion and accessories! To celebrate all the amazing lifestyle brands that joined us at the last edition of Playtime Paris, let's dive into the decor universe with digital media expert Anne-Sophie, co-founder of Hellø Blogzine! Hellø Blogzine has swiftly become the destination for deco and lifestyle inspiration, making it an absolute honor that Anne-Sophie came to see us at Playtime Paris earlier this month!

Join us as we learn more about her and Hellø Blogzine!

Can you please introduce yourself and Hellø Blogzine?

kid's lifestyle decor inspo
Founders Anne-Sophie and Carine

Hi, I'm Anne-Sophie, co-founder of Hellø Blogzine. At its origin, Hellø Blogzine was a blog with a magazine format which led to the name "Blogzine". We chose to call it "Hellø" Blogzine because we use it to greet our readers each morning with fresh news, designs they'll want to shop, and photos that transport them to another place. We use the "ø" as an homage to Nordic design and aesthetics, which my fellow founder, Carine, and I adore.

On Hellø Blogzine, we offer inspiration, product selections, articles on small and large brands, and each Wednesday we put a special focus on kid's decor, fashion, and accessories. When Carine and I started our site, I had recently had my first son and Carine shortly was expecting her first child as well, so our children are intertwined with the history of our blog. I have two sons and Carine two daughters that have grown up alongside Hellø Blogzine.

How was Hellø Blogzine born? What motivated and inspired you to create Hellø Blogzine?

kid's lifestyle decor inspo
Photo from Hellø Blogzine + Mode & Maison

Carine and I met working as journalists, and quickly realized we were both passionate about the interior design universe and have similar tastes. When we started looking at blogs and other sites online, we felt there was a missing space in the market for an inspirational blogzine, so we started Hellø Blogzine in 2013. We wanted to make interior decoration more accessible to everyone, to offer inspiration that is affordable.

From the beginning, we wanted to meet the needs of a community of decorating enthusiasts who couldn't find what they were looking for in the traditional press. We wanted to share with them accessible inspiration by highlighting the interiors of people who are not particularly involved in the fields of decoration or architecture, living interiors with a soul. We have an appreciation for the history of objects, and love that the people on Hellø Blogzine can share their personal stories. This is the first half of our DNA, with the second being product selections made by Carine and I. Through these selections, we promote the products of small brands and creatives as well as can't miss items from bigger, more well known brands. We like to connect people with beautiful designs they might not otherwise have found, and to remind them there are treasures to be found from small designers and big retailers alike.

As it's evolved, Hellø Blogzine has become more than just a website. It's also a podcast, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok accounts, and it's our newsletters too. We've established a strong identity as experts in the decor world through these communications. We think it's clear that decor is a personal passion of ours which really gives us a strong voice when we talk about interiors.

What do you like the most about decor?

kid's lifestyle decor inspo
Photo from Hellø Blogzine + Dekornik

What I like about decor is that it allows you to express yourself. Especially in moments like lockdown in the height of the global pandemic, it really matters what we surround ourselves with in our homes. I think it's really important to feel good in our homes, and through Hellø Blogzine we want to inspire and show people how they can create interiors that reflect themselves and make them feel comfortable and content. We also love discovering all the little trends that make up the decor universe, but at the end of the day it's really about creating a space that makes people feel good and represents them.

What are the big trends in the kids design universe right now?

kid's lifestyle decor inspo
Photo from Hellø Blogzine + Vertbaudet

As we saw at Playtime Paris, the 80's are really making a comeback. In response to having been in lockdown, we are leaving behind the beiges and earthy tones to rediscover color. After time spent cocooned in our home, we're ready to get out and party, which we see in the return of fluorescents and bold colors, fun shapes, and amusing prints. We're seeing this in decor just as we are in fashion. The trends for both industries are strongly connected, even in the fabrics we see being used they resemble each other.

Cabins are a trend we continue to see in kid's fashion and decor, with nature themed motifs, warm colors, and outdoorsy silhouettes. Teepees have also evolved into a staple for kid's interiors, becoming an essential item for playrooms and bedrooms alike!

Since it was your first time visiting Playtime Paris, what brands or parts of the show really stood out to you?

kid's lifestyle decor inspo
The CREATIVE SPACE at Playtime Paris

Some of the brands that stood out to us were Just Blocks and MinMin Copenhagen, we found their wooden toys' simple designs leave the door open for children to use their creativity and imagination while playing with them. Sticky Lemon's stand was incredible, with their little wooden cabin and their team dressed as forest wanderers, we found that really inspiring! We loved the sunglasses from Grech & Co and YEYE, and two brands from the SINGULAR space caught our eye with the towel robes from Atelier Maniette and jewelry from Adorabili.

We really enjoyed the CREATIVE SPACE that was full of illustrators and graphic designers. It was really interesting to see prints and motifs on paper, to see the flat design before it is interpreted in products. The LIFESTYLE TRENDS displayed by Design Hunger were also very inspiring, we loved the use of vintage furniture from Capharnaum.

Our theme at this edition of Playtime Paris was BREATHE. Where do you like to go for a breath of fresh air?

kid's lifestyle decor inspo
Photo from Hellø Blogzine + Jesus Sauvage

For a breath of fresh air, I prefer to stay in France to avoid the ecological cost of a flight! Within France, there are three places that I love to go to feel refreshed: Whaka Lodge, Souki Lodge, and Loire Valley Lodge. These lodges all allow me to be outside and enjoy nature, to go for walks and breathe in fresh air.

Thank you so much for coming to Playtime Paris and taking the time to speak with us, Anne-Sophie! For us, we find a BREATH of fresh air every time we head to Hellø Blogzine! With amazing articles, great product guides, and lively photos, we find it a source of refreshment any time our creative flame needs a spark!

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