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Playtime Picks: Kiboo Kids

In our latest Playtime Picks article, meet the lifestyle label Kiboo Kids! The favorite of our Content Manager, Madeline, at the last edition of Playtime & Kid's Hub New York, the women-owned brand Kiboo Kids makes educational toys for imaginative little ones! New to Playtime shows, get to know the brand, their innovative products, and learn about their first experience at the show.

Let's jump into the creative world of Kiboo Kids!

kid's educational toys

Founded in 2021, Kiboo Kids was started by a talented designer and illustrator joining forces with a creative entrepreneur. With the help of childhood development specialists, Kiboo Kids makes toys to inspire imagination and creativity through a range of dolls and products that foster a love of arts and learning in little ones. All of their items are made to be colored, washed, and reimagined, offering kids endless opportunities to make them their own! Being able to color the dolls and other products themselves allows children to stimulate their creativity and focus. Coloring is a great way for kids to develop their fine motor skills, express themselves and their emotions, explore colors, and use their senses. Their range of colorable products include magnetic blocks with four different faces, bodies, and feet that can be mixed and matched, a wide range of dolls, drawstring backpacks, and kits that combine a little bit of everything and come with washable markers!

kid's educational toys

Designing their products to be loved for a long time, Kiboo Kids has strong core values. Their first collection of dolls represents children with diverse origins and ethnicities to bring the rich universe that is a result of living in a multicultural community to every day play. Kiboo Kids is also focused on sustainability, which is why all of their products are washable and reusable. They find that the traditional toy industry features too much plastic and not enough opportunity for kids to transform their toys, which is why they design their products to offer engaging activities for play away from screens. Kiboo Kids encourages imaginative play by enabling kids to color their dolls before coming up with their backstories and plots. All of Kiboo Kids' products are ethically made by skilled artisans. Since their toys are meant to bring joy, they want to make sure that is what they do for everyone that comes in contact with them, from the illustrators of the characters to the final customer.

kid's educational toys

When we spoke with her at Playtime & Kid's Hub New York, creator Natasha told us her inspiration for Kiboo Kids comes from playing with kids themselves. She said it helps her come up with great ideas as she sees them imagine incredible things from simple sources. Kiboo Kids' products are a way to empower children to do that more, to work on and play with dolls that they've made their own. At her first experience showing off Kiboo Kids at Playtime New York, Natasha said she was having a great time and was able to place some great orders with retail stores around the United States. We are so happy she had such an amazing first experience at a Playtime show!

kid's educational toys

Our theme for the winter shows this year was wonderland, so we asked Natasha what she envisioned her wonderland would be like. She thinks her wonderland would be a place where creativity can take you other places and imagination has no limits. In her wonderland, you have all the tools you need to get you there - especially Kiboo Kids' toys!

Our wonderland definitely has their amazing products in it too! Thank you to Natasha for speaking with us back in February!
Reflecting on last season has us even more excited for the summer editions, especially since pre-registration opened so buyers and professionals can get their pass! We can't wait to BREATHE in a fresh season, full of new crushes to discover and old friends to meet again!

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