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Draw me an object

Improving children’s learning process through design: good idea, isn’t it?

 “Child + design + creativity + technique + know-how + conception + learning + project + sense + skills + pleasure + make + object + teaching + interdisciplinarity + heart + head + hands = ?“

These key words give us a hint on what Karen Polesello, designer and design doctoral student, is working on. Her project called “Dessine-moi un objet“ (ed.: Draw me an object) points out the need of manual practice in education by the use of design. Karen Polesello develops the project as part of her design PhD dissertation.

The project is based on Montessori education: boosting children’s self-confidence and independence while allowing them to progress at their own pace. The dissertation led her to a first project called “La Ruche“ (ed.: The Hive): a collaborative work between children and teachers.

"La Ruche" is a wooden object adapted to children’s height that can easily move around thanks to its wheels. It offers resources to associate fundamental subjects with manual and technical gestures. "La Ruche" brings together manual and intellectual work: children learn to manufacture, understand what they make and above all, understand what they learn.

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You have until the 22nd of January to support the project! Hurry up!

Karen Polesello's project "Dessine-moi un objet"

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