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Woody launches the coolest app!

Innovative brand revolutionizes the design industry completely!

The Belgian brand, Woody specializes in sleepwear and homewear for the whole family.

Being in touch with the technology, Woody launched the new application with augmented reality, which allows you to scan the animal on your pyjama with a smartphone or a tablet.
Once the animal is scanned, the app brings it to life. You can walk with the animal, make it dance or let it do something typical for this animal.

The app is also a portal to the ‘Woody World’: an imaginary world where all of the animals from the brand's pyjamas live together. They all have their own activities, but the main activity in the ‘Woody World’ is to collect the ‘dream dust’ flying around, bring it to the factory so sweet dreams can be made.


The ‘Woody World’ also has some short stories about the animals living there. These stories can be read by the little ones and their parents, it is also possible to listen to them!
Moreover, the Woody World can equally be reached via the brand's website.

Don't forget to check out the new brand's collection celebrating its 25th anniversary!


Don't miss the innovative brand at Playtime Paris on June 29-August 1, booth E22!