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Winners of Pirouette One To Watch Award

Pirouette comes back with their One To Watch Awards at Playtime New York!

Identifying emerging talent is the first step to bringing about the change we want to see in the world. Providing the right support is the second step to help flourish not only the brand but also the community surrounding it.

Our long time partner, Pirouette, has highlighted new and young brands at our previous editions, and this edition was no different. Pirouette was back at Playtime New York with their innovative concept for the One To Watch awards.

Discovery is at the heart of the award –
discovering something special, something truly creative,
always grounded but new and refreshing with strength for the future.

This season, Pirouette has collaborated with The Society of Scent to create Pirouette’s own fragrance that stimulates and focuses the creative mind. The award takes the shape of a porcelain cameo eyepiece infused with the Pirouette Scent.

Reflecting the ideology of Pirouette, the fragrance is composed of fresh citrus grapefruit, deep warm earth-toned mandarin and murmuring undertones of natural honey signifying cross-pollination for future life.

And the winners are…

ONE TO WATCH – Collection

A kids knitwear brand with a playful aesthetic, Mini Kardi celebrates the imagination and the boundless creativity of children. Based in Hong Kong, Mini Kardi believes that a kid’s imagination helps shape a ‘mini-world’ of their own. With an aim to provide simple happiness in their daily life, the brand tries to explore the world through the innocent eyes and honest intuition of a child. The genderless knitwear collection translates the authentic reflection of a child’s soul into the garments they produce.

Instagram: @ mini_kardi


The idea behind Les Belles Combines is to bring the family together in a fun yet organized way. The brand focuses on creating a clever and resourceful family culture with the help of their organizational and lifestyle products. The Canadian brand creates monthly calendars, weekly event planners, and magnets. Their signature Calm Down kits help kids put words to their feelings and process it in a way that makes them understand how to control and project their emotions. Founded by two sisters, Annie and Dominique, these educational tools are a great way to organize and make everyday life easier.

Instagram: @ bellescombines


Pirouette One To Watch Award Winners