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Welcome to Petit Lou & co

At Playtime we love finding up and coming brands. We recently came across Petit Lou & Co, a Montreal based brand that just launched its first collection of baby items.

The universe of the brand is filled with warmth and simplicity. This results in a cute collection made of timeless clothes and accessories.

Inspired by the beauty of a child’s pure soul, each garment is handmade. The making of clothing involves Quebec artisans and artists who are highlighted on the page of each article they worked on. The artists and craftmen have all chosen to put their talents towards the well-being of families and children everywhere. The brand has made its mission to make local and natural products more accessible to all. Buying from them means encouraging them to make a living creating beautiful things.

In addition to baby clothing and accessories, the brand offers a range of organic products. This range is developed in close collaboration with certified herbalists and aromatherapists. Only the best for baby!

Soon will also be launched gift sets for baby showers or welcome home gifts, some home decor items, stationery paper (which features the work of incredible illustrators!), hand-knitted items and baby toys. They are now putting the final touch to their website which will soon have "books" and "for mom" sections. A welcoming place where you feel good and get inspired.

We wish Petit Lou & Co good luck and invite you to go discover their collection. Don't forget to check out their lovelyInstagram


Petit Lou & Co