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Super Foods from Jolly Mama

Recharge yourself with these healthy squares!

Pregnancy brings a basket full of changes with it, and the most important change, after the body, takes place in the diet. Jolly Mama believes that good nutrition and support can bring positive pregnancy experiences.

Co-founded by two old friends with complimentary personalities, Marie and Margaux, Jolly Mama is a gourmet snack brand that adapts to the specific needs of young mothers. Created in 2018, this healthy alternative for food supplements is 100% organic, 100% natural and 100% healthy, and made up of vitamins and minerals that are required by the body at every stage of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The snacks have ingredients chosen carefully for their nutritional benefits of low glycemic index and the anti-oxidant power. In order to preserve the entire potential of the vitamins and minerals, the squares are cooked at low temperatures for nearly an hour. Produced in a certified organic factory in the southwest of France, the brand uses only natural and organic products.

The gourmet snacks are vegan and lactose free, and come in 3 ranges:
Pregnancy, Energy and Breastfeeding.

Jolly Mama not only produces delicious food supplements but also provides a blog and a guide for new and expectant mothers. The Jolly Mama community provides information through interviews of other mothers and experts about the wonderful adventure of breastfeeding. The blog also contains various recipes that compliment the snack squares for a better absorption of minerals and an extra boost of energy for better nursing.

Instagram: @ jollymamafrance

Jolly Mama
An organic alternative to food supplements