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Sleep Well with Petite Provocateur

Reality is not optional. But uncomfortable pyjamas can be!

Humans were made for stories. Every once in a while, when you find yourself drifting off into a far off land where you’re acing all the tests and climbing every mountain, pause and ask yourself where you’d be without stories. While we adults are better off with our daydreams, nothing lights up a child’s day than even a slight mention of a bedtime story. Petite Provocateur’s new 2020 collection finds inspiration in these magical tales!

This season-less collection made in Europe focuses on a child’s night rituals to lull them into a calm, quiet sleep – a basic requirement for a happy and mindful life. Petite Provocateur believes that just like homework, sports and other activities have a specific schedule, a good night’s rest should also be made a priority. A healthy sleeping pattern is a basic necessity for these growing minds and bodies.

Made with high quality fabrics that are easy to care for, the unisex collection features a mix of floral prints and solids in the colours of what dreams are made of. A careful selection of heritage prints brings back the wholesome memories of an innocent childhood. The illustrated coils and intertwined vines, along with forest scenes and pretty seashells, provide a whiteboard of inspiration for the kids to create their dreamlike worlds, both unbound and limitless.

The collection comes with a variety of sleepwear options - shorts, three fourth and full-length top and bottom set, and short and long night gowns. The colour combination along with the print selection is very unique to these pieces. Some sets have print in the front and a solid colour at the back, whereas others have the opposite. A special few garments also come in only solid colours for those who like it less crowded. Petite Provocateur has made sure the clothes are unisex and easy to wear and take off.

Are you ready to enter a world full of possibilities with this new range of sleepwear?

Meet them booth N18 at Playtime Paris!


Petite Provocateur
It’s ok to make mistakes; it’s ok to not be perfect. It’s ok to have bad days, but it’s not ok to have uncomfortable pyjamas!