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Sing Motoreta's Spring Song

Spring song

Cheerful children leaving school
fill April’s warm air
with youthful songs.
What a joy there is
in the alley’s deep silence!
Silence shattered by
Fresh silver laughter.

Canción primaveral

Salen los niños alegres
de la escuela,
poniendo en el aire tibio
del abril canciones tiernas.
¡Qué alegría tiene el hondo silencio de la calleja!
Un silencio hecho pedazos
por risas de plata nueva.

Federico García Lorca was a poet from Andalusia. Spain. 1898-1936

Motoreta's SS19 collection is inspired by a spectacular location at the very South of Andalusia, called Vejer de la Frontera, in Cadiz.

"A Spanish little town on the top of a hill, in between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, facing the stretch that splits up Europe and Africa. Surrounded by soft montains and valleys dotted with orange trees, orchards and ancient olive trees."

Their white painted stone houses tells us about memories of long and slow summer family holidays, children playing in their narrow streets until the warm sun goes by to sleep. Motoreta takes us to the most authentic facet of Andalusia and its traditional culture.

The Spanish brand has gathered its own assortments of souvenirs and has included them in this new SS19 collection: dots, frills, soft pastel colors, straw hats and new shapes and silhouettes.

Discover the collection at Playtime Tokyo booth A18!
Instagram: @motoretakids

Motoreta's SS19 collection, Spring Song