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SCAMP & DUDE's superheros got our backs

SCAMP & DUDE Sundowners collection
Scamp & Dude is the contemporary British fashion label for kids and grown ups with a unique back story that has touched hearts all over the world.

The brand's founder, Jo Tutchener-Sharp came up with the idea behind Scamp & Dude in an hospital while recovering from life saving brain surgery. She missed her children so much that she created a brand that gives children an extra sense of security when they are apart from their loved ones.

Scamp & Dude believes separation is a real issue for children and parents, so the collection features special Superhero characters and superpower infused prints to give kids Superhero confidence.

The brand’s slogan "A superhero has my back" teaches children that someone is watching over them keeping them safe even when they can’t see you. Each garment features a special Superpower Button which, when pressed, gives the child a burst of special super powers. The swing tag details potential superpowers the children can choose from such as ‘expert fairy finder’ or ‘bunny whisperer’ or ‘crazy cool shape shifter’.

SCAMP & DUDE Sundowners collection

Even though Scamp & Dude is a brand with a huge heart, the designs also have the seal of approval with Vogue calling the brand "our favourite new kid’s clothing brand"’ and The Observer quoted Scamp & Dude as "a trend to watch" alongside Victoria Beckham, Dolce & Gabbana and Stella McCartney.

Brand's signature Leopard Print and Lightning Bolt Print Sweatshirt has become somewhat of a cult buy. The adults version sells out within days of being on the shelves with the likes of Emma willis, Billie Piper, Liv Tyler, Giovanna Fletcher and even Robbie Williams taking to Instagram wearing the leopard and lightning bolt sweatshirts.

SCAMP & DUDE Sundowners collection

At the heart of the collection are two very special ‘Superhero Sleep Buddies’, animal shaped cushion comforters, which sit on the bed watching over kids while they sleep. A pocket on the back holds a photograph of whomever they want to keep close. Great for helping kids deal with separation anxiety at night and a comfort to kids whose parents have to travel with work. Scamp & Dude donate a Superhero Sleep Buddy to a child in need for every one sold. They donate to children who have lost a parent via Grief Encounter and children who are seriously ill via Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Scamp & Dude was presented with the title of ‘best new brand’ in the Smallish awards and the Little London awards in october 2017 and Jo was crowned ‘entrepreneur of the year 2018’ by Hello magazine.

SCAMP & DUDE Sundowners collection

SCAMP & DUDE Sundowners collection
Award winning clothing for kids and grown ups, proving children with an extra sense of security when they need it the most.
Scamp & Dude