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Playing hide and seek with Gabrielle Paris

Their new capsule collection is about to drop!

Just imagine a classic yet modern home, bright, colorful, and full of life; a refined, elegant interior with a French touch, inspired by families and designed specifically with their needs in mind. This is exactly what Gabrielle Paris is about.

Founded by Julie Sauvage and Justine Munch, Gabrielle Paris takes its inspiration from family.

"The family is at the heart of the brand. Our family obviously, which is our first inspiration (Gabrielle is by the way the first name of Julie’s grandmother) but also contemporaries families to which we wish to propose products adapted to their desires and their evolution."

In a few days, the French brand will launch a kids' capsule collection in collaboration with Apaches Collections, deliciously called "Cache-Cache" (meaning hide and seek).

The new print introduces sweet animals from a magical forrest. This soft and delicate pattern is available in two subtle colors "poudre" (meaning powder, a pale beige-pink) and "ciel" (meaning sky, a minty blue). The collection consists of bed linen, a range of accessories (hooded bath towel, bib, diaper bag) and pajamas for boys and girls. The collection will be launched on October 6th! Get ready!


Gabrielle Paris x Apaches Collections