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Give in to your wild side with Wildkind Kids

London-Helsinki based unisex brand for kids plays with wildness and cuteness like nobody else.
AW18 collection 'Hippie ever after'

Founded in 2017 by a stylist-photographer sister duo Emilia and Johanna Laitanen, the idea for Wildkind Kids came from a 90’s t-shirt Emilia had treasured from the years she worked as a buyer for a vintage shop. It had a group of adorable drawn animals and a text saying “all my friends are wild.

AW18 collection 'Kidzroom Black & Gold collection'

This thought reflects the spirit of Wildkind Kids— carefree and mischievous. "We want to make clothes as cherished and durable as this t-shirt.

Wilkind Kids makes a point of manufacturing with a respect for environment and social compliance. Wildkind Kids does not use leather or fur. Working essentially with organic cotton, the brand produces its collections in carefully selected factories in India.

Their AW18 collection called “Hippie ever after” takes references from 70’s Californian skaters, psychedelic tie dyes, sun bleached colors and a carefree and mellow attitude towards life.

SS19 collection 'Aloha Tiger'
At Playtime Paris, Wildkind Kids will present its SS19 collection called “Aloha Tiger!”.

The unisex collection is playing with the references on 70's surf wear from Hawaii and Japanese street culture. Rich and bold animal prints, Hawaiian shirt motifs, washed out candy colored canvas and printed organic cotton jersey are the heart of the collection.

The key pieces of the collection are relaxed Hawaiian shirts and shirt dresses, camouflage cargo pants and denim jackets are the key items that make the collection easy to wear and mix together.

Here is a preview of the collection prints: wild, wild and wild again!

SS19 Cheetah print
SS19 Leopard print
Meet them at Playtime Paris next week booth P10! Until then, follow them on Instagram @wildkindkids_official!

SS19 Cheetah print by Wildkind Kids
We want to make clothes as cherished and durable as this t-shirt.
Emilia and Johanna Laitanen, founders of Wildkind Kids