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First day at school with Poupée

"Think of recess and the laid-back feeling of summer boarding school! Think of playtime, doodles, marker stains and the fun competition about who has the raddest pencils and erasers. Think formal meets retro meets cool meets mischief."

That is what AW18 collection by Poupée is all about. Called Cassetina, the collection celebrates everything about school but classes and homework!

The Poupée ID
When the question is “who wants to go to school?”, nobody goes “me, me, me”. But when it comes to school's favorite paraphernalia everybody goes "yay, yay, yay"!

To get to know Poupée, you just have to take a look at the Poupée ID. The Greek brand founded by Christina Mathea gets its inspiration from extravaganza, humor and contrasts.

What we love is that every collection introduces complete outfits inspired by childhood memories. With the Cassetina collection, designer Christina Mathea takes us to her whimsical world, imbued with innocence, fun and school vibes, playing around with the element of surprise (the way children do; constantly moving, constantly creating, constantly improvising). Its dominant colors are all sorts of gray, navy blue, cream, white, black, and red.

Poupée is designed as an antidote to unoriginality, rebelling against fast copy-paste fashion and turning a kid’s conventional wardrobe into a theater dressing room.

The brand will be at Playtime Paris on January 26-28!


AW18 collection Cassetina by Poupée