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Dandydill Way cares for our kids' skin

A skincare line made to take exceptional care of muddy knees, smudged faces and tangled hair!

When it comes to skincare, we are rapidly overwhelmed by the variety of products available on the market. With her naturally derived ingredients of uncompromising quality, Tania Rodney's line Dandydill Way will have a place of choice on your little ones bathroom shelves.

Tania Rodney, make-up artist with 25 years experience working for celebrity clients in the music world, got her inspiration by the wild and fragile British countryside. Her skin and hair care line is made from the finest plant derived ingredients including botanical extract of wild grown hawthorn berries hand-picked around the Black Mountains of Herefordshire.

Hawthorn is synonymous with the British countryside and has been used in therapeutic medicine for hundreds of years; to help prevent bruising, as an anti-inflammatory and to prevent infection. The berries are naturally high in vitamin C to help protect and nourish children’s skin and hair.

100% natural and allergen-free bespoke fragrance, the range comprises bubble bath, shampoo, conditioner, liquid powder, and hair de-tangler. Dandydill Way is unique in offering parents superb formulations and natural luxury, specially designed for children. Their recyclable bottles and smartly illustrated labels make Dandydill Way even more unmissable.

Founder Tania Rodney at Playtime Paris, July 2018
The brand will be at Playtime Paris on January 2019!
Stay tuned!


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