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Celebrating Sustainability With Playtime Brands

We celebrate this Earth Day with some of our environmentally conscious brands that strive towards a better tomorrow. With an increasing awareness towards ethical fashion, brands are now working towards creating a future where waste is reduced and clothes are given a second life.

bonmot organic

The Spanish brand Bonmot Oranic believes in a humane and mindful environment, sustainable fashion, and a fair and ethical society. With the use of recycled materials and zero-waste policy Bonmot is committed to a better future. With powerful colours and the natural, soft fabrics, Bonmot creates positive garments that can be reused and recycled over and over again.
Instagram: @bonmot_organic

co label

A brand of carefully crafted basics for babies and children, CO Label is a slow fashion brand where every piece can be adapted to different seasons and different wardrobes. The brand believes in creating clothes that one would go back to over and over. CO Label does not believe in creating products that follow trends but rather comfortable wear that is timeless and seasonless.
Instagram: @co.label


Gosoaky, the Amsterdam based brand focuses on producing OUTERPROOFS that protect the kids in most outdoor situations. With smart materials and intelligent outerwear, Gosoaky creates products that are built to last. Handmade with great attention to detail, the OUTERPROOFS do not contain any harmful chemicals, and can be easily passed down to siblings from one generation to another.
Instagram: @gosoaky

maison tadaboum

In the words of the brand, ‘Maison Tadaboum is seeing the world and fashion through the eyes of a child.’ The main mantra of the brand is to create fun, beautiful clothes that are easy to wear while being respectful of nature. The brand is conscious of its environmental footprint at every step of production and ensures that all their textiles are Oeko-Teks certified. Produced in Portugal within a fair working environment, Maison Tadaboum is moving towards a sustainable economy from its very inception.
Instagram: @maison_tadaboum


A small family run kidswear label from Austria, Matona is dedicated to creating sustainable, timeless and clever designs. The idea behind the brand is to not only create modern and beautiful garments but also ensure fair and sustainable production. Their collection is made up of 100% linen fabrics, organic cotton, recycled cashmere blend and natural olive wood buttons, and is manufactured entirely in Europe.

Instagram: @matonastudio

pippins denim

A small brand that means big business, Pippins Denim was born from a love for denim and a passion for sustainability. With products originally made from vintage denim waste, the brand nowadays produces clothes with 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton, and 50% less water. The brand believes in creating clothes that are built to last, and that live through the seasons without losing their comfort.
Instagram: @pippinsdenim


Driven by the main idea that kids should have fun, this Portuguese clothing brand helps them make the most of their childhood! With collections inspired by stories that have great meaning to us, the brands' creativity, passion and sense of humour is ingrained in the playfully illustrated prints and colours. The Piupiuchick team works passionately at manufacturing sustainably at every step.
Instagram: @piupiuchick


Veja, meaning ‘to look’ in Portuguese, indicates that we should look at what’s behind the sneakers. Veja Fair Trade creates shoes in a different way! The Veja Project aims at creating a supply chain that respects both humans and nature. Using recycled plastic bottles to create innovative mesh, and wild rubber from the Amazonian Forests, Veja believes in innovation through minimalism.
Instagram: @vejakids

soor ploom

Brooklyn based Soor Ploom believes in creating clothes that helps kids be mindful of what they wear and where it comes from. Concerned about their ecological footprints, Soor Ploom uses low impact dyes and upcycles leftover fabrics into small accessories, Soor Ploom hopes to instil slow fashion and sustainability into our everyday life.

Instagram: @soor_ploom

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