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Break down gender stereotypes in Kids Fashion

Eshvi Kids

Gender-neutral fashion collections are appearing step by step among designer brands. And they contribute resolutely to the end of the girls/boys stereotypes which stick to us for decades.

For many years, we have been invading children from a very young age with a clearly gendered message, especially through the clothes we offer them.
From their very first days, we impose on them what is meant to be a girl and what is meant to be a boy thought closes codes that they will have to respect throughout their lives.

Dotty Dungarees

The main goal of gender-neutral clothing is to avoid confining children to a social pressure based only on gender. This social pressure has a real role on the psyche of children. Accepting today a less gendered fashion allows to propose a garment that the child, whatever his sex, will be able to appreciate, by its comfort, without having to enter the mold of the norm, with a little girl who will have to be delicate in lace and a little boy strong with more resistant materials.


The child then develops is according to who he is inside and evolves at a natural pace. In fact, children establish a distinction between boys and girls from a very young age only because we impose codes and norms that define these stereotypes. Imposing these norms on children is to project them into an adult way of thinking.
Collections that focus primarily on the quality and softness of its materials, on soothing colors will allow the child to focus solely on what surrounds him, on the environment in which he evolves.

Gender-neutral fashion is about allowing children to their individual creativity.
It allows sharing and exchange. Above all, it allows us to educate children to listen to others, to accept each individual for who he or she really is by freeing ourselves from the pressure of the stereotypes of our generation.

The fashion world is finally starting to understand this and more and more unisex brands are popping up.

Milena Milenka

Check out some of the Playtime brands that offer gender-neutral collections.

Wildkind Kids
Vild House of Little