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Bleu comme gris launches perfumes for the summer

Colours do have a scent and this summer blue and grey will smell like orange and lilac, almond and heliotrope, and violet and hawthorn. Bleu comme gris, the French clothing brand for kids with a very Parisian chic will launch three fragrances this summer. Imagined by Vanessa Marrapodi, these will bear the sweet names of « Capricieux » (capricious), « Rêveur » (dreamer) and « Malicieuse » (malicious). The brand 100BON will produce those perfumes.

And a touch of green will also be in the mix! Not even a drop of synthetic products will be used, the brand chose organic wheat alcohol and natural ingredients coming from reasoned agriculture to make the fragrances. Everything is as natural as a baby’s skin! The vials were also designed to be rechargeable and the aluminium caps and labels are recyclable.

« Capricieux », « Rêveur » et « Malicieuse » were born in the city of Grasse, respecting the art of French perfumery. They are to end up on delicate little necks but we are sure they will also please the moms!


Perfume "Capricieux" by Bleu comme gris