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Adventure awaits with Crescendo Apparel

Remember how fun it was to explore new things when we were kids?

Crescendo Apparel believes that taking the initiative to explore is the most efficient way to learn, and a fun way to live.

The Hong-Kong-based children’s wear brand wants to accompany every kids’ growth in a distinctive smart casual way but also tailored for comfort. Let's take a closer look at the new addition to the Playtime family: Crescendo Apparel.

The brand emphasizes style, fabrication and comfort: garments are made of finest fabrics e.g. wool, alpaca fiber, linen, and cotton. Their very first collection Fall Winter 2021 is called Adventure awaits.

Where It Begins line

Taking its inspiration from the counterculture fashion era of America, the collection is mostly unisex, easy to mix-and-match, playful and also classy.
The collection is divided into two lines: Where it begins and Here comes the adventurers.

Where It Begins

The line is an ode to travelers with stories. It is relatively classy but with modern and unisex cuts. Taking a closer look at the signature coats, the herringbone pattern expresses a retro feel to the overlook. The fluffy sugar-brown pockets and oversized shoulder design put the final touches to the look.

Here Comes the Adventurers

For this line, several bold colors are used making the garments relatively sporty (jackets, sweaters, sweatpants, overalls and onesies). Faux-suede, dungaree and denim perfectly match with the vintage brass buckles/buttons.

Discover their 1st collection at Playtime Paris (January 25-27)!

Crescendo Apparel
Instagram: @crescendoapparelhk


FW21 collection by Crescendo Apparel