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Act globally with Fort Kids

Committed to the preservation of nature, the Canadian brand Fort Kids will present its AW18 collection at Playtime Paris for the first time.

Established in 2014 by Sarah Kawasaki and Derrick Hodgson, Fort is a fun and modern children’s apparel line made and manufactured in Canada.
Drawing on their respective backgrounds in fashion design, illustration and graphic design, the two create comfortable and durable designs inspired by the utility of Japanese workwear. The line is made from all natural and sustainable fibers, such as bamboo, linen and organic cotton. Fort is a proud supporter of 1% for the Planet.

Fort's ninth collection celebrates the supportive family dynamics and community structures integral to children’s development.
This season takes inspiration from the social behavior of beluga whales, which are native to Canada’s Arctic region in Baffin Bay, Hudson Bay and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Much like humans, belugas are very social animals that communicate vocally using high-pitched clicks and whistles.

They live in cohesive social groups called pods, ranging from 2 – 100 individuals at a time. Within a pod, belugas travel and hunt together, while also chase and play games with one another.

The use of the beluga whale as the motif for Fall/Winter 2018 also sheds light on the environmental plight affecting the species. Recently the Canadian government has listed the beluga whale as an endangered species in the St. Lawrence Estuary.
By drawing on the social behavior shared between humans and whales, Fort hopes to bring attention to our impact on other species in the ecosystem on a larger scale.

Fort Kids will be presenting POD LIFE A/W 2018 collection booth I25 at Playtime Paris! Don't miss it!


Fort Kids AW18 collection