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'The Little Kid Sunshine' : SS 2021 Trend

Have you ever dreamt of taking the pulse of the season at a single glance?
This is what Playtime offers you to do through its now iconic trend spaces. With the help of INSTINCT creative collective, we invite you to discover our three main trends for spring-summer 2021.

Here's a first look at “The Little Kid Sunshine”, the first of our three trends for Spring/Summer 2021.

In a reinvented world, hope would be unlimited… and new blooms promising. Feet planted in the ground, eyes turned toward the sky, they burst with new beauty.
One of the themes inspired by the initiatives aims to give back lost smiles in the manner of Gifts of Hope, an association founded by Kesz Valdez, which distributes gifts and shoes to homeless children and informs them of their rights so that we all have a sense of hopefulness and of being loved.

To re-enchant the world: such is the mission that these adventurers of the heart devote themselves to and pass along to us. Now it’s our turn to become the rays of sunshine which illuminate the lives of others.

color range - a spectrum of energetic tones and vibrant combinations

Inspired by:

Bobo Choses - seeing the world again as a child with imagination, creativity and freedom
Donna Wilson
Eleonor Bostrom
A mix of fabrics - poplins, Tencel® denim, seersuckers and biopolymer knits - Fantastic Mr Nilsson for YOHO LITTLE
Faux primaries - Icimathieu
Being inclusive- Kesz Valdez,Child of Nature
Colorful combos by Molli; Patchwork and vintage prints - Tangereene Magazine
Novesta Sneakers
Ardoise Mauriss