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'Strange': A/W 2020-21 Trend

Have you ever dreamt of taking the pulse of the season at a single glance?
This is what Playtime offers you to do through its now iconic trend spaces.
With the help of INSTINCT creative collective, we invite you to discover our three main trends for autumn-winter 2020-21.

Here's a first look at “Strange”, our second trend for Autumn/Winter 2020-21.

A theme paying tribute to non-conformist characters: the "freaks", the "weirdoes"...
Let us celebrate their creativity and madness! Let us cross over with them to a world as disturbing as it is wonderful, populated by creatures never seen before. Let us embrace with an open mind all that is non-reasonable.
They are dreamers and visionaries. They invent new utopias, blending urban trends, sports and high-tech to boost their fantasy world.
Their taste for weird stuff is a disruption of normality and beauty standards. Most important of all, they walk the talk and they will catch our eye. Strangely, our weird side reflects our identity.

colour range

Inspired by:

Architecture Studio Red Deer
Bert by Precht concept modular treehouse Dezeen
Bobo Choses A/W 19
Bonnie Van Geel for Kids Magazine
Burberry A/W 19 customise
Florence by Mills
Gentle Monster
Jen Smith
Novice Nike Paleivory
Paola Pivi Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach
Imaginary Language project by Alessandra Fumagalli Romario
Sasha Katz computer