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'New Tribe': SS19 kids trend

This season, our trend-setter Julie Malait offers us an immersion in a universe filled with Kindness.

"What sort of planet will we leave to our children and what sort of children will we leave to our planet?" wonders Pierre Rabhi. The creation of a better world is no utopia. With values like respect, sharing, and love, we can build a kind future!

Here's the second of our three trends for Spring-Summer 2019: NEW TRIBE

Individualism has shown its limits. The time has come to return to a spirit of mutual assistance, like in artisan guilds. New tribes are created around the idea of sharing and exchanging, new relationships are forged and are more ethical and authentic. Together, we are so much stronger!

Key words: community, guild, mutual assistance, association, Arts & Crafts, shaker, modest art, essential traditional know-how, sharing, tribe
Materials: vintage denim, cotton cloth, gabardine
Colors: terracotta, indigo, gray
Prints: Navajo prints, Shibori
Key pieces: work jacket, Bermuda shorts

Discover the invited artists on this trend space
At Playtime Paris : W& / Wand studio
At Playtime New York : Aran Baik

Our inspirations are:

Ernst Gamperl Gallery Bensimon
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Instagram Iconosquare
Mouse in the House
Mascobado Habitat participatif Montpellier Grisettes Archietcture & environnement PM Photo MC Luca
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'New Tribe': SS19 kids trend