arrow_drop_up'Neo Optimism' outfits at Playtime Paris

'Neo Optimism' outfits at Playtime Paris

The latest edition of Playtime Paris (June 30 - July 2, 2018) was the occasion to explore the theme of 'Kindness' throughout our three trend spaces : Nova Gaïa, New Tribe et Neo Optimism.

In case you did not see the key outfits of the season at the show, here's your catch-up time!
We would like to thank all the brands who participated.

Spring/Summer 2019 trend : NEO OPTIMISM

HEADBAND pop cutie
SWIMSUIT soft gallery

CAP hundred pieces
JACKET soft gallery
SWIMSUIT chipote pas
NECKLACE pop cutie

T-SHIRT jooseph's
SHORT molo

CAP lil' boo copenhagen
JUMPER longlivethequeen
SKIRT tia cibani kids
NECKLACE pop cutie

T-SHIRT poudre organic
TROUSERS cherrypapaya
BACKPACK sticky lemon

T-SHIRT hundred pieces
SHORT gugguu