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'Fantasia': SS 2020 Trend

Have you ever dreamt of taking the pulse of the season at a single glance?
This is what Playtime offers you to do through its now iconic trend spaces. With the help of INSTINCT creative collective, we invite you to discover our three main trends for spring-summer 2020.

Here's a first look at “Fantasia”, the second of our three trends for Spring/Summer 2020.

Take that hand and join the dance! Here you are now in a teeming phantasmagoria peopled with strange, half-animal, half-human creatures... A poetic and joyful fantasy where everyone wears masks, where tricks of the eye rein.
A surprise behind every door! All possibles are open-ended: one can don any costume, live in different skins, reinvent oneself to the whim of nested identities.
Therein resides the whole magic of childhood... But is it a dream or simply the carnival of life that marches in front of your astonished eyes?

colour range

Inspired by:

Andrea Sham Cake
Bjarke Ingles Group & Artemide Colour Changing Lamp
"Bridesmaid's Search for the Desert Rose" by Amber Cowan
Raspberry Plum
Sunny Life
JW Anderson
Omm design studio matryoshka
The Other Place Guesthouse by Studio 10 in China
Tush Magazine
Ibis by Zoé Williams