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Artist interview : Laure Devenelle at Playtime Paris

Laure Devenelle is a paper designer/scenographer/visual artist. She lives and works in Paris.
During her studies, Laure discovered a passion for paper and the sense of scale she could breathe into it. With this fragile, elegant, and subtle material, she creates mural installations and sculptures, window displays and other creations for public and private commissions, for the luxury industry, the performing arts, and contemporary art. A sense of balance has arisen from this versatility.
Working in the lineage of the Arts and Crafts movement, Laure Devenelle sees herself as an artist-artisan; the know-how is essential in her approach to creation. As someone who is in love with geometry and color charts, Laure explores her environment and its graphical lines to come across new landscapes and new colors. It begins with a search of the material, which she then tames by taking in traditional techniques of folding (Origami) and cutting (Kirigami). With a special focus for and interest in repetitive processes and ornamentation, she sculpts, transforms, and animates paper through different technical and graphical games. The transformations she then applies to the landscape invite the viewer to expand his horizons, to look at things differently.

For Playtime Paris, it is three of her photographs of urban landscapes that she exlored and transformed, bringing to them a new reading pace, a new Flow!

Here's a short video where she's sharing her inspiration, technique and future projects (in French!).


Laure Devenelle's art installation on the 'AGRICOOL' trend space