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Artist interview : Julie Robert at Playtime Paris

Julie Robert is a textile designer who specializes in contemporary weaving. After studying Fine Art in Toulon where she experimented with painting and photography, she moved to Paris where she designed costumes for film and advertising. Around this period, she learned different textile decoration techniques and started collecting fabric and thread off-cuts. During a trip to Iceland, in 2013, she discovered weaving and, over the course of her ensuing research, modernized weaving. Her collected materials would now be turned into weaved volumes.
After several months of practice, she created her first series based on this inspiring journey, blending noble materials and soft, natural colors.
Now, Julie Robert designs weaves using wool, silk, and other fabrics which are remarkable by their volumes, textures, colors, and destructurations.
Followed by tens of thousands of people on social media, she has become a leader in her field and travels the world to show her work and pass on her knowledge by teaching workshops.

During the latest edition of Playtime Paris, Julie Robert presented a singular weaved sentence, made of imaginary letters and reinvented know-how.

Here's a short video where she's sharing her inspiration, technique and future projects (in French!).


Julie Robert's installation on the 'MAKE' trend space