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Artist interview : David Takahashi at Playtime Paris

David Takahashi was born in Kanagawa, in Japan. His taste for art developed along with his passion for British rock music.
As an art student, influenced by painters such as Robert Motherwell and Richard Diebenkorn, he painted abstract figures and landscapes. Color and composition became essential in his work.
Later, inspired by the unconventional style of British fashion designer Christopher Nemeth, the young graduate started creating clothes.
Like Nemeth, he prefers zigzags to straight lines, back to front, worn to new. He developed an especially strong attraction for the different states of objects, right up to their deterioration.
His imagination and ideas express themselves through the textures of his pieces. Whenever color expresses light, space begins to happen.
Followed by music.

For Playtime Paris, David created a large patchwork heart, expressing his love for the things that are around him and the act of repairing that it might refer to.

Here's a short video where he's sharing his inspiration, technique and future projects (in French!).


David Takahashi's art installation on the 'REPAIR' trend space