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Artist interview : Clementine Henrion at Playtime Paris

Designer and illustrator Clémentine Henrion started her Parisian design studio in 2006. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, her work is an attempt to recreate an exaltation of the senses: whether retinal marveling at the first visions of infancy or outbursts of teenage passions, the magnificent energy they bring about are key to reading her universe. Clémentine “prototypes”, by way of installations, objects, or illustrations, these sensorial reminiscences, so as to give them palpable beauty and materiality through a process that involves journeys of emotional immersion.
Along with her experimental studio (which she named “Design for Pragmatic Daydreamers”), Clémentine also launched her eponymous brand, a collection of polymorphous collections which mixes art and fashion, and which takes the form of, alternately, sculptures, textile prints, and rare and precious jewelry, and fashion accessories.

Enthused by protean artistic collaborations, she also directs art projects for an equally eclectic range of clients: Le Coq Sportif, Le Fooding, San Pellegrino, Ricard, Who's Next, Maje, Le Bon Marché and Printemps Haussmann have all given her the opportunity to inhabit various creative mediums and color them with her own psychedelic-techno-pop touch.

For the 'SHARE' theme, Clémentine Henrion created an oneiric installation illustrating a celestial voyage above the world and in which we are carried on the colorful wings of “lucky kites”. It was a mystical metaphor of the unstoppable flight of youth, driven beyond the heavens and seas by the audacity of an insouciance as euphoric as a summer breeze in the golden sun.

Here's a short video where she's sharing her inspiration, technique and future projects (in French!).


Clémetine Henrion's art installation on the 'SHARE' trend space